Athlete promotes North Gorontalo as scenic paragliding site

Gorontalo (ANTARA) – The Gorontalo paragliding athlete Septian Lamadlaw promoted North Gorontalo District as a natural tourism site for conducting paragliding activities.

“I was really amazed by the paragliding site here. One of the (paragliding tourism spots) is Dunu Peak, Monano Sub-district. We can take off from Dunu Peak and fly towards the sea (and see) the natural beauty of Raja Island and Popaya Island,” Lamadlaw explained here on Monday.

He highly recommended Dunu Peak for paragliding athletes and practitioners.

According to Lamadlaw, it is rare to find a paragliding spot in Indonesia like Dunu point that offers a scenic view of a scenic cluster of islands.

“I highly recommend this location, especially for practitioners, who want to add experience and fulfill the top landing requirement. From Dunu Peak, we can enjoy the sensation of flying along with the pleasing sea coast beauty,” he stated.

Lamadlaw said he did not expect North Gorontalo District to have natural wealth for paragliding and a tourism attraction.

Lamadlaw, who is experienced in paragliding, admitted to being fascinated by Dunu’s flying site.

“The scenery is so beautiful. The ocean is decorated with islands, and the wind constantly comes from the west, which allows us to stay up in the air longer. This can be enjoyed until 1:30 p.m. local time,” he remarked.

Moreover, he said, the landing site is quite close to the beach, and one can ride a car to access the flying site.

“I flew with Arie Duke, who is also a paragliding athlete. We really enjoy the beauty of this location, and we can fly up to three hours,” he remarked.

Earlier, at the National Sports Week (PON) Papua 2021, Chairperson of Paragliding Indonesia Wahyu Yudha expressed optimism that local governments, both districts and cities throughout Indonesia, can support the development of paragliding sports by making the most of the strategic geographic locations.

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