Design Trends Since the Global Pandemic

With our 98th edition focused on design trends, Indonesia Design (iD) sought out leading designers from all disciplines to consider what’s next for their industry. Since the global pandemic unravelled across the world there has been much upheaval and uncertainty. As we pivoted towards new ways of working and living, we looked to designers to deliver us smart solutions. How can design make our life easier, healthier and more enjoyable?

Written by Jane Somerville

Indonesia Design (iD) asked various architects, interior, lighting, landscape and product designers about how the pandemic changed their business and the needs of their clients. There were many different responses, but some recurring themes emerged. Multifunctionality – both for interior design objects and for spaces that can be adapted to accommodate isolation, work-from-home, gym or salon. Another was the desire to bring elements of the natural world into our everyday, either through rooftop gardens and indoor plants, or decorative elements that reference the organic world. Successful spaces – whether it be at office or at home – should enhance our wellbeing.

For the future, technology will play an even bigger part in our lives, not only for the way we connect with others for work and play but also in the way we control our homes. Environmental awareness is becoming more important for Indonesian designers. No longer is design-thinking merely about creating beauty or functionality, rather designers must consider the impact of the materials they are using in terms of durability and sustainability. This is also leading to a shift towards the demand for products made locally that draw upon the talents of skilled craftspeople.

Find out what the designers have to say about the latest design trends on the next posts.

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