A dreamy collaboration between Somethinc and South Korean K-Pop group NCT Dream – Campaign Brief Asia

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Hopes and wishes and dreams and a cool boy band and a leader in Indonesian skin care have come together to help the country’s women attain their desired skin with confidence whilst getting closer to their K-Pop idols. Somethinc, a local skincare brand has welcomed 2022 with an interesting and exciting collaboration with popular South Korean group NCT Dream. Grenville I Francis reports.


Customers are invited into an Indonesian-themed alternate universe, depicted in a collaboration video, where they can immerse with NCT Dream members – Jaemin, Jeno, Renjun, Chenle, and Jisung – through social media platforms.

Respondents can enjoy coming together as NCTZens and Dreamies and all the benefits that come their way for being part of these communities. With offerings so enticing, the hashtag #SomethincxNCT become the No1 trending topic for 24 hours on Twitter.

Maintaining the ‘dream’ for healthy skin and woven into the collaboration are skincare kits selected by NCT Dream members. Launched in January, the first kit garnered such desire, it sold out within three hours. The massive enthusiasm continued where the second kit, NCT Dream Vol. 1 Batch 2, also sold out quickly after its launch in early February.

In this collaboration, Somethinc can also make their consumers’ dreams and NCT Dream enthusiasts come true with the opportunity to greet their idols through an online fan event activity. Furthermore, they will also get a chance to win prizes and directly meet the NCT Dream members.

NCT Dream is the third sub-unit of the boy group NCT and have enjoyed major commercial success. They are the first and only Asian artists to appear three consecutive times on Billboard’s ‘21 Under 21’ list, placing at numbers 20, 13 and 19 from 2018 to 2020 for their industry impact on sales, streaming and social media. NCT Dream were also included on Time’s list of the ‘25 Most Influential Teens’ of 2018.

Somethinc is an Indonesian beauty brand that focuses on offering skincare options according to skin needs. Somethinc has grown rapidly and possesses the largest skincare market share on the country’s digital platforms, best-selling skincare brand in Indonesia’s largest e-commerce and has become the top skincare brand cosmetic stores.

Marsela Limesa, Co-founder and President explained that Somethinc was founded on the same principle as NCT Dream and born from a dream to introduce a high-quality beauty product to help consumers get the skin their desire, resulting in self-confidence that’s in line with the company’s motto of Be You, Be Somethinc.

Limesa believes NCT Dream also shares the same spirit, growth, and loyalty to its fans, by always bringing the highest quality of work in their production with messages crafted carefully for NCTZens and Dreamies.

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