How Indonesian singer Krisdayanti maintains flawless skin at 44

Indonesian singer and actress Krisdayanti revealed she uses salmon DNA to maintain beautiful skin. — Picture via Instagram/krisdayantilemos

KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 — Ever wanted the perfect flawless skin like the Indonesian singer and actress Krisdayanti?

Well, the 44-year-old mother of four recently revealed that she uses the salmon DNA annually to protect her facial skin from wrinkles.

According to, Krisdayanti, who is also known as KD, revealed her beauty secrets in the Ngopi Dara programme which was released on TransTV Official YouTube channel last week.

In the interview, Krisdayanti admitted that she regularly goes for salmon DNA treatment to receive adequate amounts of carbohydrate and omega 3 fat for her skin.

The treatment is generally done by injection.

“To rejuvenate the skin, the human body requires carbohydrates and omega 3 fat, which is usually found in salmon fish,” she said.

Krisdayanti also said the treatment is quite common among Koreans and Singaporeans, hence they have beautiful and flawless skin.

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