7 Local Cosmetics Brands You Should Try!

7 Local Cosmetics Brands You Should Try! — In recent years, we’ve been just as impressed with how fast local cosmetics brands have grown here in Indonesia. The selection can be dizzyingly large for those who aren’t familiar with Indonesian cosmetics companies, so here we summarize the list into seven brands that come in pretty packaging, a great quality that matches that of imported versions —plus, they’re super affordable, to boot.

Picture by Luxcrime Instagram


Luxcrime is one of the most popular local cosmetic brands through their superior products; Luxcrime Blur & Cover Two Way Cake. This powder is claimed to be able to even out skin tone and make the face look smoother like using a filter. In addition, this powder comes in 3 shades for light, medium, and tan skin.

If you are interested in this brand, just check their website, Shopee, Tokopedia, or check their Instagram!

BLP – By Lizzie Parra

Another one of the homegrown beauty industries is BLP Beauty. The name BLP is an acronym for “By Lizzie Parra” which stands for the founder’s name, beauty vlogger Lizzie Parra. The signature product from this brand is its lip coat, but BLP has since ventured out to eye products, face products to a collection of makeup brushes.

BLP Beauty is available at Ground Floor Lotte Shopping Avenue, and two other locations in Bandung and Surabaya. You can buy it online via BLP Beauty’s official website, Sociolla, or Tokopedia.

Dear Me Beauty

Dear Me Beauty is also one of the most popular local cosmetic brands. One of Dear Me Beauty’s products that is worth a try is a foundation that is claimed to be very light, Air Poreless Fluid Foundation. Dear Me Beauty says that its products are only made with natural ingredients and not tested on animals. Their Lip Coat also contains Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, which prevents your lips from drying out.

Get Dear Me Beauty on the brand’s official website, Shopee, and Sociolla.

Picture by Somethinc via Instagram


In addition to its skincare line, Somethinc is also very well known for its quality makeup line. The prices of the products offered by Somethinc are also quite affordable. One of their best products is Copy Paste Breathable Mesh Cushion. This cushion is formulated for the Indonesian climate with Breathable Technology, Non-Comedogenic Certified, and SPF 33 PA ++ so it is safe for all skin types.

Check their website to get their products on your hand. Or simply check on Shopee, Tokopedia. Peep their Instagram may be a good idea, too.


At the first, ASQA only launched its lip products line, however, over time, ESQA began to launch several products in the form of a cheek palette, highlighter, and the latest is an eyeshadow collection. We recommend you try the eyeshadow and highlighter; the quality is absolutely amazing!

Try your first product from ESQA on their website, Shopee, Tokopedia or their Instagram.

Looke Cosmetics

Looke Cosmetics comes with its cushion product, Holy Flawless BB Cushion. This product is claimed to give your face a satin finish with a natural effect. The product is contained with Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize skin and green tea extract which functions to control sebum or oil glands on the face. So, it is very suitable for those of you who have oily skin types. This brand also has options for powder and lip products, plus it’s vegan and cruelty free!

Get your Looke Cosmetics on their website, Shopee, Tokopedia, or you can check their Instagram first.

Picture by Make Over via Instagram

Make Over

Many people thought that Make Over is a global brand. In fact, Make Over is one of the biggest in the domestic cosmetics industry. Unlike the other brands in this list, which are considered indie brands, this brand is owned by Paragon Technology and Innovation, the same company as Wardah. Make Over has many makeup lines ranging from lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, blush, makeup primer, etc

Find Make Over at the brand’s independent store, plus various department and health stores such as Watsons and Guardian, or order online via Sociolla. Visit their Instagram too.

So those are some cosmetic brands that we recommend. Have you ever tried any of these brands? Or have you tried other brands? Make sure to check out our best local skincare brands too! If you find this interesting or helpful, make sure to share this article with your friends and social media!

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