Woman Went on Holiday With Her Ex Despite Breaking Up

What happens when you and your partner book a non-refundable vacation one year in advance, but you break up seven months before the trip? For TikToker Mimi, the answer was simple (but not easy)—just go on the vacation together either way. Mimi posted about the decision on TikTok, saying the ex-couple were putting aside their differences to enjoy the beauty and culture of Bali, Indonesia. The video went viral, as people apparently had a lot to say about this unconventional setup. Here’s how Mimi and her ex made it work and what social media commenters had to say.

The Couple Broke Up Before Vacation


Mimi and her then-boyfriend booked a trip of a lifetime to Bali together—a non-refundable ticket. Seven months before they were due to go on vacation, the couple broke up. The content creator didn’t share any details as to why exactly the breakup happened, but it probably wasn’t too acrimonious, considering they went on a romantic vacation seven months later.

Mimi and the ex couldn’t cancel the vacation without losing a bunch of money, and they couldn’t decide which one of them should go and which one should stay. Finally, they decided the best thing to do would be to simply go to Bali together. Except, of course, they would be going as friends and not lovers (which commenters did not think would be possible).

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Ex-Lovers Go To Bali


Mimi and her ex did indeed go to Bali together—and she posted a series of videos showing exactly what happened. “When you booked a non-refundable Bali trip a year in advance but broke up 7 months ago,” reads the text in the first of the videos. People were certainly curious as the video has already racked up 35 million views.

Mimi kept everyone up to date on any potential issues with the trip—including sleeping arrangements at their villa in Wairu. “So we made it to Bali and there is just one problem,” she said. “Our beautiful villa is only a one bedroom. So you are sleeping on the couch,” she told her ex, who happily complied. 

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Just Friends… For Now


Mimi shared other videos of the two enjoying Bali and becoming “best friends.” “I’m out here watching tiktok and they living a romcom,” said one commenter. “It’s the fact that you both still went,” said another. “Y’all gonna come back married lmao,” said a third. Despite the excited predictions of romance reigniting, Mimi made it clear that was not going to happen. It’s safe to say If it’s not happening during a romantic trip to Bali, they really are just friends!

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