What’s hot in fashion: fragrances, autumn windows and a brand exhibition

Ti Gong

The Tamburins’ exhibition space is dominated by a giant straw-made silkworm that wriggles about.


South Korean beauty brand Tamburins has opened a fragrance exhibition to launch its latest hand-cream series, The Cocoon Collection, at HAUS Shanghai shopping and art space on Huaihai Road M.

The exhibition space is dominated by a giant straw-made silkworm that wriggles about, creating a futuristic yet primitive ambience.

Combined with the feeble sound of insects and the overflowing herbaceous fragrance, visitors feel like they are strolling along a peaceful lake on a breezy autumn night.

Deep into the hall is a small cabin covered by mulberry leaves, offering people a place to take a moment of peace away from the concrete jungle.

The collection includes three new fragrances: Cocoon Musk, Sounds of Night and Mulberry Leaves.

Cocoon Musk has a woodsy twist with a bit of cigar smell, while Sounds of Night features sweet jasmine mixed with a slightly bitter fruity aroma.

The Mulberry Leaves fragrance has a woody base, followed by the middle notes of patchouli and sage.

Ti Gong

Hermès autumn window display


Hermès Maison in Shanghai recently unveiled its autumn windows, designed by Indonesian artist Mulyana.

Entitled “Rhythm: Adventure to The Deep Sea,” the display depicts the fantastic ocean life of Mogus through the media of crocheted and knitted installations.

The joyful core character adopts a playful perspective to explore the mysterious deep sea, interpreting Hermès’ 2022 annual theme “Lighthearted.”

Mulyana’s playful visual language and exquisite knitting and crocheting techniques revive a mythic and colorful deep-sea world.

The women’s universe window is the home of the giant Mogus, who protects their habitat with gigantic body and arms. In the men’s universe window, little Mogus are filled with curiosity and energy, traveling to experience an unlimited world and discover secrets hidden deep within coral reefs.

In the windows on both sides of the main entrance of Hermès Maison, everything is in white, including the coral and sea creatures.

The exquisite Hermès objects are displayed among the rough “waves” and the crocheted and knitted “creatures,” guiding visitors to explore this fascinating world.

Mulyana works and lives in Indonesia. He was educated as an art teacher and learned knitting and crocheting at renowned book shop collective Tobucil in Bandung.

Seeing the act of knitting or crocheting as a form of meditation and prayer, he wanted to share the beauty of nature to enjoy it without the need to touch or damage it.

Tan Weiyun / SHINE

A labyrinth made of bronze, wood and iron wires in a courtyard paved with deep purple pebbles


Fashion brand COS launched its Shanghai City Spirit exhibition of the works of four artists at Hao Market in a historic villa on Shaanxi Road N.

Sound artist Jing Ao has created a labyrinth made of bronze, wood and iron wires in a courtyard paved with deep purple pebbles.

In the center of the maze, an installation features iron wires and a bronze piece that can vibrate and generate faint sounds in response to a gentle breeze.

Visual artist Yao Yao also presents a poetic Shanghai with her smartphone at the exhibition.

She has snapped about 400 photos of the city at street corners, behind lanes, along riverbanks, in the woods and among the crowds, and placed them randomly in small boxes tailor-made for the exhibition.

Visitors are encouraged to take each photo out of the box selectively, as a way to piece together the city’s unknown side.

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