We Heard You! Enhanced Sun Protection for Indonesia: AXIS-Y Introduces The Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Ver.3

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AXIS-Y, a pioneering community-focused skincare brand from Korea, proudly announces the launch of the Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Ver.3 in Indonesia today. This product launch exemplifies AXIS-Y’s commitment to creating skincare solutions catering to diverse skin types while addressing community needs. Perfectly formulated for Indonesian conditions, this sunscreen offers essential protection against environmental damage caused by pollution and harsh climates. Driven by extensive user feedback, AXIS-Y has refined the sunscreen’s formula, ensuring a more effective and inclusive product for skincare enthusiasts worldwide.

Maggie Yue, CEO of AXIS-Y, expressed, “Listening to our valued community has always been at the heart of AXIS-Y. Our Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen, a result of invaluable feedback from our loyal users, reflects our commitment to delivering excellence. By refining its formula to eliminate white cast, scent, and essential oils, this sunscreen suits daily use for all skin types. We aim to provide a reliable shield against Indonesia’s intense sun and climate. We’re excited to introduce a product we believe will truly care for your skin.”

The revamped Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Ver.3 boasts an essence gel texture, ensuring a clear finish without any white cast. It offers robust UVA and UVB protection with SPF 50+ PA++++, coupled with hydrating and smoothing benefits owing to its hydra-fit formula. Moreover, this sunscreen is designed to brighten the skin and gently protect it, making it an ideal choice for daily use across all skin types.

Key advancements in the Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Ver.3 formulation include:

  • Elimination of white cast, scent, and essential oils for enhanced usability.
  • Greater moisturizing effects, reduced irritation, and elevated sun protection.
  • Incorporation of an “Essence Gel Lotion” texture for a non-greasy, residue-free application.

Notably, AXIS-Y has ensured that the Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Ver.3  is suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin, being free from parabens, artificial fragrances, artificial coloring, and mineral oils. The product proudly holds a Cruelty-Free certification by PETA and has undergone rigorous lab tests to confirm its SPF 50 PA++++ rating and skin-friendly nature.

As part of the launch celebration, AXIS-Y is offering an exclusive limited-time 50% discount, allowing skincare enthusiasts to experience the benefits of the Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Ver.3 firsthand. For genuine AXIS-Y products, including the latest Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Ver.3, purchase exclusively from AXIS-Y’s official Shopee Mall at www.shopee.co.id/axisyindo or Tokopedia www.tokopedia.com/axisyindo. Follow AXIS-Y official Instagram account for more information and exciting updates: www.instagram.com/axisy.indonesia.

About AXIS-Y

AXIS-Y, the first brand committed to the creation of climate-based skincare, listens to the needs and concerns of our market to deliver skincare they will love. More than just a Clean Beauty brand, AXIS-Y is on a mission to provide the most reliable and efficient services and products, catering to the needs of our customers and community to make our lives better and happier. With advanced formulation and expertise in skincare technology, our 6+1+1 product lines are designed to meet the diverse needs of the modern consumer.

AXIS-Y is dedicated to promoting ethical and sustainable practices in the beauty industry, authorized by renowned certifications globally, such as Korea Dermatology Research Institute (KDRI), Animal Test-free by PETA, and Korea Halal Certification. Some of our products, including our Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack, have received the prestigious Korea Halal Certification, reflecting our commitment to catering to the diverse preferences and needs of our valued customers.

Our commitment to addressing global challenges extends beyond appearances, as AXIS-Y strives to help individuals discover their beauty through personalized care and positive community impact.

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