Wavemaker Indonesia Launches Fully Integrated Media Solutions Exclusive for L’Oréal Indonesia

Wavemaker Indonesia launched a fully Integrated Media Solutions ‘Beauty Tech Labs’ last Wednesday, July 13th, 2022, at WPP Campus. This launch was attended by the 107 BTL team and our client from L’Oréal Indonesia to witness and celebrate the massive growth of this team.

It started from a team that only consists of 20 people which currently has turned into 107 people in less than four years. This strong team member will focus on holistic Media solutions across Planning, Performance, Ecommerce and Influencer Communication. With that said, Wavemaker Indonesia L’Oréal team which new name is Beauty Tech Labs team has significantly provoked the scale of the team and its growth.

Our future needs an integrated mindset, with a client like L’Oréal who is a forward thinker, thus Beauty Tech Labs was perfect launch pad to build an integrated media ecosystem that is able to drive One team Mindset, Expertise on hand, Data and technology all rolled in one ecosystem.

Rohit Padukone, business lead of Wavemaker Indonesia said, “We at Wavemaker Indonesia are very thankful to our clients L’Oréal Indonesia, to drive a shared purpose of building the Media Agency of the Future. ‘Beauty Tech Labs’ is a testimony to build an integrated Media Mindset and central team of 107 who will bring together Planning & Strategy, Performance, Content, Ecommerce and Technology. We are very excited about the future that will unfold.”

As its agency, our vision is to be the Global Benchmark of Media Performance. Our commitment is to passionately craft and drive category expertise that will put Brand Love to work in One Team. Be an organisation that adapts to changing needs and creates new commercial models that will move with the business, lastly be obsessed about generating growth from media and find new ways to generate profitable sales by tapping into data driven approach.

“Happy to be a part of this Journey between L’Oréal Indonesia and Wavemaker Indonesia. We’ve grown from merely 20 people to more than 100 people in four years’ time. These are evidence how we as a brand continue to grow, evolve on the way we conduct business and show our resilience on facing what will come in the industry. We are not going to stop in delivering L’Oréal’s vision to create beauty that moves the world, and together with Wavemaker this is another starting point for bigger things and achievements to come”, Fabian Prasetya, chief digital and media officer of L’Oréal Indonesia commented.

Amir Suherlan, managing director of Wavemaker Indonesia remarked, ” We are extremely privileged and honoured to build a team of the future. We believe this is a significant evolution of how Media Agency’s will re-invent themselves by aligning Business Goals of our clients.”

He also added, “This is a great demonstration of harnessing the future.”

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