There Is A Beauty Of Indonesian Culture Introduced Through Millennial Favorite Chocolate Packaging

JAKARTA – Indonesia is a rich country of culture and is a legacy that needs to be preserved by every generation. To preserve it, the younger generation must be introduced in order to appreciate and participate in maintaining culture.

To increase pride in Indonesian culture, SilverQueen created the #Indonesiaku campaign in packaging. The spirit of promoting the beauty of Indonesia is in line with the vision and mission of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to inspire the younger generation to give appreciation and support and promote the beauty of domestic tourist destinations.

“We really appreciate the initiative to introduce and promote the diversity of Indonesian culture. This campaign also supports our efforts to raise the potential for tourism and Indonesia’s creative economy. We hope that this campaign can inspire young people to love and appreciate Indonesian culture,” said Mr.bang Haridjati, Director of Marketing Communications, Kemenparekraf/Baparekraf in a media statement received by VOI, Wednesday, July 26.

As the original Indonesian chocolate brand, SilverQueen introduced a campaign and 5 new special packages with the theme #IniIndonesianku.

These five special packaging are the result of the winning design of Indonesia’s talented young talents who were selected through the #SerummaximalIndonesiaku design competition which was held in November 2022.

“We are strongly committed to continuing to make a positive contribution to the country. Through this series of campaigns, we invite young people to play an active role in preserving the cultural heritage and beauty of tourist destinations in Indonesia. Let’s take part in this extraordinary journey, strengthen our love for the homeland, and realize our dream for a more beautiful and cultured Indonesia,” said Mikhala Bunawan, Brand Manager of SilverQueen.

Five selected designs each depict uniqueness and inspiring stories. Here’s the design:

The first design, “One Sky, One Earth Pertiwi,” describes various landmarks and icons of every city in Indonesia, such as Monas, Prambanan Temple, Gadang House, and Tongkonan House.

The second design, “Childhood Memories,” describes memories of a childhood traditional game, with a dakon as a representation reminiscent of a happy childhood.

The third design, “The Excitement of the People’s Party,” illustrates the joy of the people’s parties that are preserved in various regions in Indonesia.

The fourth design, “Indonesian Music Square,” describes bonds through the typical music strains of each region, while the fifth design, “The beauty of Diversity in Unity,” illustrates the spirit of unity in the diversity of Indonesian culture, especially through traditional clothes.

The fifth design, the beauty of Diversity in Unity, illustrates that Indonesia’s diversity & wealth can be clearly seen from the interactions and collaborations of each individual from Sabang to Merauke, one of which is traditional clothes. Through this illustration, designers want to raise the spirit of unity, although different, still one Indonesia.

To provide a different experience, this campaign also utilizes AR (Augmented Reality) technology. With this technology, consumers can see and experience uniquely interesting experiences in enjoying the beauty of Indonesia only by using their cellphones.

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