The Hari Raya beauty essentials to pick up this festive season

As we approach the end of the Ramadan season and gear up for the dawn of the long-awaited Hari Raya festivities, there’s no time like the present to lay out a game plan for looking your best at the many gatherings and reunions to come. For the first time since the pandemic put large group gatherings to a screeching halt over three years ago, Raya festivities are back in their full-fledged glory: from night markets returning to the scene to witness flocks of lively visitors, to gatherings that will finally be able to include entire families in full attendance. As we scramble to get our outfits in check, consider also the Hari Raya beauty essentials you’ll be needing to tide you through the merriments to come—preferably with a photo-ready finish that lasts all day. Needless to say, with days of celebrations and countless of friendly faces to greet, the goal in the beauty department is a budge-proof look that grants an all-day glow—with gorgeous selfies guaranteed.

Cue the skin-prepping moisturisers, must-have sunscreens, long-lasting foundations and bold lipsticks to have at the ready for your dazzling entrances. Below, beauty mavens and digital creators Sofia Arissa, Dian Pelangi and Yumi Ayummi reveal their Hari Raya beauty essentials this Eid al-Fitr and share how beauty has and continues to empower them everyday.


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