The Essence of Beauty in MS Glow’s White Cell DNA Body Essence

MS GLOW founder Shandy Purnamasari introduces her brand’s latest innovation, the White Cell DNA Body Essence

Today, more than ever, people are becoming more attentive about their health and appearance, which leads to heightened attention about the products they use to take care of themselves. Naturally, this applies even more so to beauty and skincare products. Known for its innovative approach, MS GLOW – an Indonesia-born beauty brand – continues to provide exhilarating new creations for an increasingly beauty-conscious market.

And recently, MS GLOW introduced one of its latest skincare offerings, the White Cell DNA Body Essence. “Up until today, there aren’t that many body essences available in the body care market,” Shandy Purnamasari, the brand’s founder, explains. “As its name implies, this kind of product improves the efficacy of other body care products someone uses. If your body lotion isn’t as effective in helping to brighten and moisturize your skin, MS GLOW White Cell DNA Body Essence can help pave the way to bright, moist skin.”

The launch of the White Cell DNA Body Essence follows the success of MS GLOW’s White Cell DNA Serum and White Cell DNA Night Cream – the key ingredient here being the eponymous White Cell DNA. “This is a patented ingredient by MS GLOW which, according to our in vitro tests, is 6.67 times more effective in fading hyperpigmentation than hydroquinone,” Shandy continues. “Of course, it does so without triggering skin irritation. Not only that, White Cell DNA also hydrates the skin and has anti-aging properties.”

On a more technical note, White Cell DNA was developed in conjunction with the research and development team of Nanovetores Group, an innovative company known for the development of active nano and micro-encapsulated ingredients using its own technology. Besides the aforementioned benefits, White Cell DNA can also help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, while hydrating the skin and preventing what is known as Trans Epidermal Water Loss – or TEWL, which can cause everything from irritation and flaking to even severe dehydration. On top of that, the ingredient also helps prevent damage to the skin from UV radiation.

Another key secret of the White Cell DNA Body Essence – and MS GLOW’s entire portfolio, for that matter – is the company’s consumer-focused approach to innovation. “When we’re developing a new product, we position ourselves as the customer. Will I, as a customer, want to replace a product that has worked for me for years with a completely new one? What if the new product is not suitable for my skin?” Shandy elaborates. “And that is why we created a body essence, which can be used on its own or together with other products that the customer already uses on a regular basis. That way, they don’t have to part with what already works for them, but can gain even better results.”

Furthermore, Shandy also notes that MS GLOW was actually founded on a bedrock of customer engagement, with the company successfully creating an ecosystem of independent entrepreneurs that chiefly consists of women, including housewives, with a shared passion to grow. This is also the driving force behind MS GLOW’s continued innovation in response to evolving market demands.

Unsurprisingly, the brand has also made a strong online presence, and has even launched MS GLOW Beauty Tools Apps for both iOS and Android devices, which includes a skin analyzer, shopping, and a convenient consultation service.

“As a local brand, MS GLOW has expanded to reach the international market, this year,” Shandy says in closing. And at the spearhead of this expansion are exquisite products like the White Cell DNA Body Essence – a body care product created using innovative materials to offer excellent results, and one that is clearly developed with the consumer in mind.

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