The capital of Nusantara, a new hope for Indonesian cultural diversity

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By : Dila Ayu Paraswati – Ilmu Komunikasi,Universitas Mulawarman
Gregorius G.P Barus – 2102056028 – Ilmu Komunikasi,Universitas Mulawarman – Indonesia is a diverse nation with a rainbow of colors. Indonesia is a beautiful and singular mosaic of tribes, religions, races, cultures, and languages. This variety is a fortune that is entirely important for the Indonesian country, a fortune that should be protected and safeguarded together. As of now, the Indonesian country is arranging and building a State Capital called Nusantara. The presence of this IKN gives new expectation and solidarity to the Indonesian country in reinforcing and advancing variety. The way of thinking of naming the state capital as Nusantara, which in Sanskrit signifies “island outside or across”, depicts the Territory of Indonesia which comprises of islands that join in joining the nation of Indonesia, upheld by various social variety in every island.

The construction of Nusantara’s capital is a massive undertaking that is being carried out with great care. The goal of the process of planning and building is to create a capital that reflects Indonesia’s diversity and unity. The plan and engineering of the capital are painstakingly created to integrate components of Indonesian culture and legacy, while additionally consolidating current and manageable plan standards. Nusantara’s state capital is still in the process of being built. There are numerous upsides and downsides during this cycle, beginning from the issue of the development of IKN in the Sepaku district, East Kalimantan. The response to this problem can be either positive or negative. As we probably are aware, at first numerous neighborhood individuals dismissed this arrangement. Combined with the intensity of negative responses from outside the area, for example, the reaction with the setting of annoying “Jin place projecting kids, etc. The local populace is becoming increasingly enraged about the issue of transferring IKN from their territory as a result of this negative reaction. Notwithstanding, as time passes by, neighborhood individuals feel the good effect of the advancement of IKN so the dismissal of IKN turns out to be less and less.

The development of the capital of Nusantara has an idea that depends on a blend of patriotism and culture in view of a solitary idea where the idea is seen from the name, as well as the state of the structure. The patriot idea is noticeable from the states of structures like the garuda bird that represents Pancasila in Indonesia. Furthermore, there are a few shapes that represent the way of life of Indonesia on various beautifications and structures. There are also social and cultural factors that went into choosing East Kalimantan for the Penajam Paser North district and the Kutai Kartanegara district. As per the 2020 populace statistics, the populace in this space is overwhelmed by migrants with the Javanese, Bugis, and Banjar clans while the native populace with the Kutai, Paser, and Dayak clans is just 17%. Likewise, on additionally that IKN is planned as the focal point of public culture and human advancement of the country in light of the social qualities that develop and create in Nusantara by taking a gander at the climate, history, as well as culture in Kalimantan.

The migrants will take part in building Indonesia through Nusantara so that, made variety support in Indonesia as per Bhinneka Tunggal Ika albeit different yet the equivalent. With a portion of these clarifications, one might say that IKN is another expectation for variety in Indonesia. Some cultures or tribes that have never been to Kalimantan, particularly the Nusantara region, will blend in with the existing culture and spread positive culture to their area. As a result, Indonesia’s diversity will grow stronger and more cohesive because diversity is one of Indonesia’s precious treasures that the entire society is obligated to protect. May, after the enlivening of the capital of Nusantara, life in its region be in accordance with its goals as well as endlessly reinforce the social variety in Indonesia.

The development of the capital of Nusantara isn’t just about building foundation, yet additionally about building a feeling of solidarity and divided character between the different people groups of Indonesia. It’s about making a place where every Indonesian can feel at home, regardless of their tribe, religion, race, culture, or language. It is tied in with making an image of solidarity and variety, an image that can move and spur all Indonesians to cooperate to improve their country. The Indonesian people’s resilience and determination can be seen in the construction of Nusantara’s capital. The Indonesian people are still committed to their vision of a nation that is both diverse and united, despite the difficulties they face. The Indonesian people’s belief in their ability to create a future that reflects their hopes and dreams is demonstrated by the construction of Nusantara’s capital. The development of Nusantara’s capital is a journey that the Indonesian people are traveling together. An excursion is loaded up with difficulties and impediments, yet additionally with trust and commitment. An excursion will shape the fate of Indonesia, an excursion that will decide the course of the Indonesian country for a long time into the future.

As the development of the capital of Nusantara proceeds, the Indonesian public anticipate the day when the capital will remain as a reference point of solidarity and variety, an image of the Indonesian country’s solidarity and versatility. For the sake of their beloved Indonesia, the Indonesian people will continue to collaborate, strive, and build together until that day arrives. May the soul of solidarity and variety keep on directing the Indonesian nation on their excursion towards a more brilliant and more prosperous future. May the capital of Nusantara stand as a demonstration of the Indonesian nation’s obligation to solidarity, variety, and progress. What’s more, may the capital of Nusantara act as a wake up call of the Indonesian public’s persevering through soul and unfaltering assurance to construct a superior future for all Indonesians.

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