The best budge-proof lipsticks you’re going to want to keep within reach

As trying as it was, there were a number of learning points we could adopt from the mask-wearing days of the pandemic. That skin breakouts as a result of ‘maskne’ or COVID-19 itself would come to stay with us for longer than we could have ever imagined, and that the true test of a lipstick was how resilient it was underneath our various face protectors. There was a collective desire for longer lasting options that would not only hold its pigment beneath the mask—as surely there were never many opportunities for touch-ups—but also swipes that would be free from smudging all over. The allure of a smear-proof lipstick proved its might here; it belonged in a class of its own entirely. 

So who’s to say we should ask for anything less these days? Mask-wearing may well be behind us, but the pouts we wear are forever. It’s completely understandable that we would hence wish for our lip products to come in strong; lasting for endless hours into the day; and hydration assured. And for the late night party-goers or lipstick enthusiasts amongst us, it might do well to acquaint yourselves with the knowledge of the heavy-duty lip products out there—sure to leave a striking stain on your pout, even post that coffee break or fried food binge. Read: Mac Cosmetics Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour or Rare Beauty’s Lip Souffle Matte Cream. 

As the beauty aficionados we are, we’re fairly cognisant of the magical feeling that comes with knowing you have a perfect lipstick within reach at all times. So no matter your shade preference, read on for our curation of the best budge-proof lipsticks out there, ready for a full, luscious swipe should you so desire.


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