Sustainable Holidays: Gifts for the Women in Your Life

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and an opportunity to make choices that lead to comfortable celebrations for future generations. By choosing sustainable and ethically sourced gifts, we make the holidays unique, contribute to a healthier environment, and reduce the future impact of climate change. 

Dig into this list of sustainable gift ideas perfect for the women in your life. This year, we focused on clothing brands that offer recycling of their products, environmentally responsible personal care, and ethically made jewelry.

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Sustainable Clothing

Instead of fast fashion, consider gifting high-quality, durable clothing with an eco-conscious ethos. 

Reformation stands out as a source of high-end, sustainable fashion that’s perfect for a New Year’s Eve celebration. The Tagliatelle Silk Top results in 28% less carbon emissions than comparable traditional silk clothing, and the company offsets its 21-lb. footprint with high-quality carbon credits. Reformation’s Supercircle-powered recycling program for end-of-use pieces is particularly notable, ensuring that the fashion cycle continues responsibly. 

Reformation’s Tagliatelle Silk Top

Tentree’s Ecoloft Half-Zip Pullover is an excellent choice for those who love cozy yet environmentally friendly apparel. These fleece treats are made from 100% recycled polyester, including post-consumer plastic bottles, textiles, and recovered fishing nets. 

tentree’s EcoLoft Half Zip Pullover

Another favorite here at Earth911 HQ is tentree’s Juniper Zip Hoodie, which features a juniper-decorated horizon to remind everyone that nature is precious. Made with organic cotton and recycled polyester, this is a rugged but lovely hoodie that will light a smile when the box opens.

tentree’s Juniper Zip Hoodie

With tentree, you’ll support waste reduction and ethical labor practices in the company’s Indonesian and Chinese production facilities. When it’s time to retire tentree clothing, return to the site to start the mail-in recycling process powered by Supercircle.

Another brand that recycles is Madewell. We love the look of their Baggy Straight Cargo Jeans, a blend of 1970s flair with modern sustainability that would look great on the street, at a club, or on a hike. When they’re worn out, Madewell offers a mail-in recycling program that transforms old jeans into home insulation for use in underserved communities. 

Madewell’s Baggy Straight Cargo Jeans

Pact’s Airplane Cardigan combines style with sustainability and comfort on cold winter days. Made from organic cotton, it saves water compared to traditionally processed cotton that accounts for 11 lbs. of CO2 emissions. Pact’s commitment extends to fair trade practices and purchasing carbon credits to offset the environmental impact of its business.

Pact’s Airplane Cardigan

 If you don’t do gifts and want to help your beloved declutter, Zappos’ Blue Jeans Go Green Program is a perfect choice. Instead of opening presents, start packing old jeans. Visit Zappos to print out a mail-in label and help box up old denim for recycling. Your female friends don’t have to add new clothes to start living circular fashion principles.

Personal Care with a Sustainable Touch

Personal care products can also be sustainable, as evidenced by the Grove Collaborative’s Aromatherapy Diffuser. This chic, modern diffuser made from ceramic is not just a household accessory but also a statement of environmental responsibility from a CarbonNeutral® Certified retailer. 

The Grove Collective Aromatherapy Diffuser

Add a year’s worth of relaxation with Grove’s Sweater Weather essential oil blends, including the Autumn-inspired Pumpkin Spice, Harvest Moon, and Log Cabin. Each scent offers a unique sensory experience reminiscent of fall’s cozy and crisp atmosphere.

The Grove Collaborative’s Sweater Weather Essential Oils

For a relaxing spa experience at home, consider the Spinster Sisters’ Bath Bombs. These fizzy treats are made with plant-based materials, epsom salts, and kaolin clay, perfect for an indulgent yet sustainable pampering session.

Spinster Sisters’ Bath Butta’ Bombs

Ethical and Elegant Jewelry

Jewelry is a timeless gift, and choosing pieces from sustainable sources adds a layer of thoughtfulness. Brilliant Earth’s Teardrop Lab Emerald Bracelet is a standout. This responsibly sourced, eye-catching accessory is crafted with a lab-grown emerald and recycled gold, symbolizing a commitment to beauty and ethical practices. Brilliant Earth is converting all its facilities to renewable energy and supports local communities where it does business. Those environmental and community efforts elevate the value of this elegant gift.

The Brilliant Earth Teardrop Lab Emerald Bracelet

It’s the season to give priority to nature

This holiday season, let’s make our celebrations meaningful and environmentally conscious. The gifts we choose can reflect our care for our loved ones and our planet, making the holidays a genuinely joyous and responsible occasion. Whether sustainable clothing, personal care items, or elegant jewelry, each choice can contribute to a brighter, greener future.


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