Starting From Herbal Medicine, Mooryati Soedibyo Becomes An Indonesian Beauty Legend

JAKARTA – Talking about the beauty and herbal industry cannot be separated from the Mustika Ratu company which was built from scratch by a woman named Mooryati Soedibyo since 1973.

Now, through Mustika Ratu, the figure of Mooryati Soedibyo is referred to as a legend in the world of beauty and traditional health of Indonesia. However, what is the life journey of a Mooryati Soedibyo like? Here’s the profile!

Mooryati Soedibyo whose full name is Hj. BRA. Mooryati Soedibyo, SS, M. Hum. He was born in Solo on January 5, 1928. He is the grandson of Sri Susuhunan Pakoe Boewono X Keraton Surakarta.

Since the age of 3 years, Mooryati Soedibyo has been introduced to traditional beauty and herbal medicine which is closely related to where he lives, namely the Surakarta Palace which is known as a source of Javanese culture.

Having a hobby of drinking herbal medicine from an early age, Mooryati was finally determined to develop it into a business. The herbal concoction of the Surakarta Palace recipe, which was originally given to his friends, has finally turned into a business.

Until finally, through PT. Mustika Ratu, which was officially established in 1973, Mooryati began exporting her herbal products and beauty to approximately 20 countries, including Russia, the Netherlands, Japan, South Africa, the Middle East, Malaysia, and Brunei.

It did not stop there, Mooryati also became the founder of the Puteri Indonesia Foundation in 1992, as a forum for Indonesian women to carry out and contribute to national development through the selection of Puteri Indonesia which is held every year.

Because of his dedication, Mooryati received MURI as the oldest doctoral degree winner in Indonesia and as “Empu Jamu”. Mooryati Soedibyo is also number 7 in the list of the 99 most influential women in Indonesia 2007 according to Globe Asia magazine.

Tantowi Yahya feels lost and owes his gratitude to Mooryati. Through uploads on Instagram, Tantowi revealed Mooryati’s services in his life.

“The herbal medicine, which comes from the recipe of the Kingdom of Surakarta, has provided many benefits for public health and has also made Indonesia proud abroad. I owe it to Mrs. Mooryati because she has been involved in the Puteri Indonesia Selection event for several years and has represented her as Chair of the Puteri Indonesia Foundation and the license holder for Miss Universe in Indonesia in various meetings abroad,” wrote Tantowi.

“Goodbye, Mrs. Moor. May all maternal deeds of worship and kindness during life will ease your steps to return to your lap. I testify that mother is a good person who has done a lot for this nation,” he said.

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