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If you are an K-POP Fans, you’ve probably heard of MBC World and SMTOWN Coex Artium. MBC World is located at MBC headquarters in Sangam-dong, northern Seoul, “MBC World” aims to offer an entertaining attraction to tourists visiting Korea and fill the void for immersive hallyu experiences.

Many tourists come to the country pursuing their love for hallyu content, but find that few Hallyu-related activities are available, and simply end up shopping instead, MBC said in a press release.

At MBC world, South Korea’s first broadcasting theme park, you can have the special experience of dancing and singing with the star, and becoming the main character of dramas. Experiences of virtual reality, dance experience studio and hologram stages are especially popular. 

After the tour, you can see the greeting of Hallyu stars and digital autographs. The popular programs of “Show! Music Core,” “Infinite Challenge” and “Radio Star” are being made in the MBC Global Media Center, and you can look forward to meeting the Hallyu stars.

MBC World Opening Hours

10:00 to 18:00

Monday to one operates seven days a week. (Except New Year / Chuseok day )

※ You can entrance before 2hours from closing time

Operating 9 times a day, and as for admission, you can entrance  from 10:00am every 30 minutes.

It takes about  90 minutes for one tour.

Start time                10:00am

The 2nd round        10:30am

The 3rd round         11:00am

The 4th round         13:30pm

The 5th round         14:00pm

The 6th round         14:30pm

The 7th round         15:00pm

The 8th round         15:30pm

The 9th round         16:00pm

(12:30 to 13:30 for lunch and you can not entrance)

MBC World Address

03925  267, Seongam-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea  

MBC World Access

Subway Digital Media City Station (subway line 6, Airport Railroad line, Gyeongui-Jungang line) exit 9, roughly 10 min. away on foot

MBC World Admission

Adult  18.000 won

Youth 13.000 won

Children 9.000won

and I also meet a new Idol, NEW KIDD from JFLO Entertaiment. JFLO is a new agency founded in 2016 by CEO Jung Jun and their first trainee is Jin Kwon and Yun Min. They set to debut in 2017 and they were introduced via youtube in the early 2017.

New Kidd (뉴키드) is a 7 member group under J-FLO Entertainment. The group consists of: Jinkwon, Ji Hansol, Choi Jiann, Yunmin, Woochul, Kang Seungchan, and Hwi. New Kidd officially debuted on April 25, 2019.

New Kidd Official Accounts:

SMTOWN at COEX Artium is composed of SMTOWN STUDIO, a virtual space offering visitors a glimpse into the real educational experience of SM artists, SMTOWN LIVErary CAFÉ, and SMTOWN THEATRE, featuring a large-scale Panavision screen where visitors can enjoy a mix of holographic and live performances.

Venue : SMTOWN@coexartium (513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

SMTOWN Access :

 Get off at Samsung Station on Seoul subway line 2, then take exit 6 and walk for 4minutes

Below are some photos from the awesome SMTOWN Museum. Check out!

SM artists’ albums, photo books, stage outfits, props, and more were displayed inside the museum for K-Pop lovers to enjoy!

Experience everything about hallyu artist at SMTOWN, the center of hallyu. You can look around studios, a hologram theater, a life-style shop and more, where hallyu starts are created. You may incidentally meet your favorite hallyu star during tours. A professional photographer is available to take photos of visitors, which will be an unforgettable memory.

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