Prices and how to book your stay

Prepare to be enchanted by BOSS House Bali, where luxury fashion meets an idyllic tropical paradise. This sophisticated establishment, which will be open to the public, is a part of the grand celebration of the release of the BOSS Spring/Summer 2024 assortment.

The grand opening is scheduled for 17 April, and it promises to provide guests with a lifestyle that embodies the ethos of BOSS. Nestled in a breathtaking villa, conceived and brought to life by the renowned architect Alexis Dornier, BOSS House Bali is a true personification of architectural brilliance.

It harmoniously blends traditional elements with contemporary design principles, offering guests a view of the Balinese countryside that is nothing short of spectacular. The villa features a unique pool with a spiraling water slide that connects to the upper floor, serving as a relaxing oasis for guests.

What BOSS House Bali has to offer

BOSS House Bali is a testament to the seamless fusion of cutting-edge architecture and organic materials, creating a unique retreat for those seeking the ultimate in luxury. The villa resonates with a feeling of empowerment, inviting guests to ‘feel the power within.’ It serves as a sanctuary for self-discovery and creativity, encouraging guests to live the #BeYourOwnBoss philosophy, a life characterised by self-determination, authenticity, and confidence.

The villa provides guests with a full immersion into the BOSS lifestyle. Right from their arrival, guests are greeted with an opulent display of BOSS The Collection Parfum, and a warm welcome from the house’s resident French bulldog, decked out in the brand’s accessories.

Each of the six exclusive rooms is a world unto itself, boasting a curated selection of products from the Spring/Summer 2024 collection. From designer eyewear to signature bedding, branded stationery, and more, BOSS House Bali is a destination where guests can unwind, recharge, and truly experience modern luxury.

The villa also offers a range of rejuvenating activities such as yoga, spa treatments, and bespoke dining experiences, all of which are enhanced by the soothing scents of Geranium, Rose, and Saffiano – a tribute to the evocative fragrances of BOSS The Collection.

How to book your stay and pricing details for BOSS House Bali

The rooms at BOSS House Bali will be available for reservation to the public from 16 June to 31 August. The villa, with its six bedrooms and six bathrooms, is capable of accommodating up to 12 guests. The cost for a night’s stay is $18,364.50 USD (approximately RM87,185), which equates to $1,530.38 USD (approximately RM7,265.48) per person, inclusive of breakfast.

BOSS customers are entitled to an exclusive 5% discount, bringing the cost for a night’s stay down to $16,528.08 USD (approximately RM78,467), or $1,377.34 USD (approximately RM6,538.92) per person. This discounted rate, which is valid for stays till August 31, includes daily breakfast and requires a minimum booking of two nights.

For more details, visit the dedicated BOSS House Bali page here. In addition, those unable to visit in person, the BOSS House Bali Virtual Experience will be available globally on their site here, launching on 17 April.

(All images and videos courtesy of BOSS)

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