Often Called The Indonesian Beauty Ambassador, It Turns Out That Dian Sastrowardoyo Is Burdened And Very Embarrassed

JAKARTA – Dian Sastrowardoyo, who became known since winning the 1996 Cover Girl, is known as a typical Indonesian beauty. Many people, especially from celebrities who cannot deny that the 41-year-old actress is one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment world.

Even so, he said that being called the Indonesian Beauty Ambassador was quite burdensome. He felt that many Indonesian women were more beautiful than him.

“Yes, I’m very burdened, I’m really ashamed to say it’s like that. Because honestly, I think there are so many people in Indonesia who are very beautiful and even much more beautiful than me,” said Dian Sastro when met at Central Park Mall, West Jakarta on Thursday, June 8.

With the label given, Dian admitted that he did not feel honored. He hopes that what he does will never disappoint the people who have supported him so far.

“I feel a little honored to say it’s like that, but at the same time I feel a burden like ‘Oh, crazy, it means I can’t be disappointed,” he said.

Grateful for the assessment of many people for their beauty, Dian also revealed that she did not always look beautiful. His appearance in public is recognized to require a struggle that is not easy.

“But to be honest, I’m grateful that it’s said to be like that, but the point is that I’m not always beautiful either. I can do this with all kinds of diligent care, which is really sad, so the beauty is reduced,” said Dian.

“So, I can’t even feel bad about maintenance every night. So, this is not something that just comes without me trying. I’m really trying,” he continued.

Regarding how to treat beauty, Dian admits that he regularly uses beauty products every day. This effort is of course done to keep her beauty at its maximum at the age of four.

“I use serum every day, sometimes I use doubles up to 3 layers, because I’m so afraid I want to keep it, it’s still good. And if I’m very diligent, the products I use are extra. Usually when I wake up, my skin becomes better than the previous day,” concluded Dian Sastro.

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