Korean Beauty Brand Debuts In Malaysia

Kundal has announced it is launching at Guardian stores, which is the largest pharmacy, health, and beauty retail chain in Malaysia that caters to the country’s expat community. The new product line is now available in Malaysia and Indonesia to meet the growing demand in the Southeast Asian Muslim market.

Kundal is a Korean haircare brand with a new Anti-Dandruff line. It’s also one of the few hair care lines available at Guardian stores that is certified as MUI Halal and vegan.

“It’s a functional product line designed to address the primary needs of Muslim consumers who often wear hijabs that lack of ventilation—specifically targeting dandruff relief and scalp care,” Kundal states.

Considering local preferences, Kundal’s Fragrance Research Laboratory has developed a Soapy white musk scent for this product line.

The Anti-Dandruff hair care line includes shampoo, conditioner, and watery serum. The products include the ingredient, Anti Sebum P + Hyalocta Complex, plus biotin and panthenol.

The shampoo is specially formulated to deeply cleanse, effectively removing dandruff, impurities, and excess oil. The conditioner offers one-step intense care for both the scalp and hair, promoting smoothing and detangling without weighing down.

Completing the regimen, the watery serum delivers instant hydration and a lasting scent with a light formulation, due to its lightweight formula.


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