Injourney revamps to develop destination-focused tourism

Indonesia’s state-owned tourism holding company, Injourney, is revamping its strategy to enhance the Indonesian tourism ecosystem’s appeal to international tourists.

In a significant shift, the company will move away from marketing-oriented tourism development to destination-focused tourism development.

Injourney will focus on creating more content through events like the MotoGP held in Mandalika last year

Injourney integrates all state-owned company subsidiaries related to tourism, with members such as Angkasa Pura I and II airport management, Hotel Indonesia Group, Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation, Borobudur Temple Tourism Park, Prambanan and Ratu Boko, and Sarinah Department Store.

Speaking at the Indonesia Tourism Outlook event in Jakarta, Dony Oskaria, the president director of Injourney, said the company’s new approach shifts the government’s focus from marketing to developing tourist destinations that offer unique experiences.

“In the next five years, there will be (more) destination developments, especially in super-priority destinations such as Danau Toba, Mandalika, Borobudur, Labuan Bajo, as well as in Bali,” he added.

For instance, Injourney plans to construct a 43-hectare medical tourism destination in Sanur, Bali which will comprise an international hospital, botanical garden and beach resort.

The international hospital will collaborate with renowned medical institutions worldwide, including the Mayo Clinic, a surgery clinic and retirement home, both from South Korea, a fertility clinic from Australia, and feature immunology technology from Japan.

Dony said that 1,000 hotel rooms and a convention hall which will “be the biggest hall in the Sanur area” will also be built.

Injourney is also revitalising several tourist attractions – the Indonesia in Miniature Park (TMII) in East Jakarta will become the Indonesia Opera, an amusement park representing Indonesia’s cultural diversity in a more interactive way and gives insight into the daily life of the indigenous people.

Furthermore, Injourney is shifting its paradigm on tourism products to focus on creating more content through sports events, culinary festivals, cultural festivals, and business events, as compared to the previous angle on natural beauty and cultural diversity. Examples include the F1 Boat Race on Lake Toba and the MotoGP held in Mandalika.

The company is also changing its mindset from an operations-based company to a service-based company, particularly at airports, where waiting time counts as a form of service, and the spirit of hospitality should reflect that of the Indonesian people.

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