Indonesian embassy brings coffee, movies to Qatar

The Indonesian Film Festival concluded on December 12, featuring acclaimed Indonesian movies for six days at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA).
The event, titled ‘Indonesia Through the Lens’ , was organised by the Indonesian embassy in Doha in collaboration with the Doha Film Institute (DFI), MIA, and the Ministry of Education and Culture Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.
Movies such as After the Curfew, Nussa: The Movie, What’s with Love?, Aruna and Her Palate, and Philosophy of Coffee, were screened along with several short films.
As part of the event, Handoko Hendroyono, producer of the movie “Filosofi Kopi” (Philosophy of Coffee), and Catarina Muliana, inspector general of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia, attended the film screening on December 9.
To enhance the complete movie experience, visitors also had the opportunity to savour the finest Indonesian coffee sourced from diverse regions across the country. The event was also enriched by a demonstration of songket, a traditional handwoven textile renowned for its exquisite patterns and cultural significance.
The screening of the movie, “Filosofi Kopi,” was attended by several distinguished figures from Qatar. “Films can promote cross-cultural understanding, challenge stereotypes, dismantle prejudices, and highlight the beauty of diversity,” Indonesian ambassador Ridwan Hassan said in a press statement.
He expressed hope that the event would offer a glimpse into Indonesia’s rich culture and serve as a comforting reminder for Indonesian diaspora longing for their homeland.
The festival also serves as the culmination of the series of events held as part of the Qatar – Indonesia Year of Culture celebration in 2023.
“Qatar-Indonesia Year of Culture may end this year but the legacy of the programme will last beyond 2023,” said Ali Murtado, the person in-charge for the activation of Qatar-Indonesia Year of Culture at the Indonesian embassy.

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