Indonesian couple who went viral for contrasting skin colors throw shade at haters

In Indonesia, fair skin is still widely considered to be the epitome of beauty, so much so that one might expect snide remarks if they find love in someone with darker skin.

Recently, a couple in Indonesia, named Makruf and Arum Puspitasari, saw their pre-wedding photos and videos go viral courtesy of his dark skin and her fair skin. One particular video has been watched 18.1 million times since it was uploaded five days ago on TikTok, showing the couple in traditional Javanese garb for a photoshoot.

@arum_pps abadikan momen penting anda hanya di @wanmediaphotography @wanmedia_photograpy ♬ suara asli – Arumpps

Their moment of happiness was ruined by some online trolls, who flooded the comments section with ignorant remarks like, “He must be a comedian,” “Money gets you everything,” and “How will their kids turn out?”

Through Arum’s TikTok account @arum_pps, the couple has been shooting down the haters in recent days, maintaining that their love is real regardless of their physical appearance.

@arum_pps Membalas @yumna_659 tidak yaa kakak. kita hanya orang biasa 🥺 @jitengwongjowo ♬ suara asli – Arumpps

“No, we are not rich. We are just regular people,” they wrote in response to a comment accusing Arum of marrying for money.

@arum_pps Membalas @kiiiiyyyy0 ♬ Teman Hidup – Tulus

“We hope to prove your doubts wrong soon,” they replied to somebody who said that their relationship can’t be serious.

Speaking to Detik, Arum, 26, said she met Makruf, 24, in November 2021 when he sang at a café in Purwodadi, Central Java. She said she was immediately smitten by Makruf for his humility, kindness, and sense of humor.

The pair are engaged and took their pre-wedding photos in December 2022.

Though they have yet to reveal their wedding date, we, along with the many lovely people who were not trolls to Arum and Makruf online, wish them all the happiness as they embark on their new life together together.

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