Indonesian Ambassador Highlights Murree’s Beauty, Proposes Sister City Status With Bali

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Indonesia to Pakistan, Adam M. Tugio on Sunday said that Murree can undoubtedly be considered among the most beautiful regions globally. He said that the natural beauty of Murree competes with renowned tourist destinations around the world.

Speaking to journalists and the local business community in Murree, the Indonesia Ambassador proposed the idea that Murree and Bali, two world-famous tourist destinations of Pakistan and Indonesia respectively, could be deemed sister cities. He suggested that initiating discussions between the two governments would not only enhance cultural ties but also promote tourism on both sides.

The ambassador emphasized the historical, religious, and cultural relations between Pakistan and Indonesia, urging the transmission of these connections to the new generation. He underscored the longstanding friendship between the two nations, rooted in mutual economic, trade, cultural, and diplomatic relations.

Ambassador Tugio recounted the historical connection between Pakistan and Indonesia during Indonesia’s struggle for independence, mentioning the sacrifice of 600 Pakistani soldiers. He acknowledged the growing relations between the two countries as Indonesia achieved freedom.


Drawing parallels between the founders of Indonesia and Pakistan, Ambassador Tugio noted the personal friendship between Ahmad Sukarno and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, reflected in the similarities between their iconic caps.

Deep Connection Between Pakistan and Indonesia

Addressing cultural influences, the ambassador mentioned Allama Iqbal’s impact on movements in Indonesia, emphasizing the poet’s popularity in Indonesia. He highlighted the cultural similarities in food habits, drinks, and spices between the two nations.

In response to a question, Ambassador Tugio expressed his commitment to facilitating a visit by Murree journalists to Indonesia. He believed such visits would enhance mutual understanding and intimacy.

Furthermore, Ambassador Tugio announced Indonesia’s annual scholarship program for students and encouraged the children of Murree journalists to apply. He assured full support from the Indonesian Embassy in Islamabad for their applications.

Regarding economic ties, Ambassador Tugio stressed the need to strengthen bilateral trade relations between Pakistan and Indonesia. He underlined the importance of fostering people-to-people relations to enhance mutual intimacy between the two countries. APP



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