Indonesia says held ‘positive’ Myanmar political talks

Jakarta hoped that would lead “towards inclusive national dialogues in order to find a durable and comprehensive solution to the crisis”, the statement said, as all sides gave a “positive indication” on the possibility of convening inclusive talks soon.

But unrest in the country has grown despite the intense diplomatic work.

More than 286,000 people in Myanmar have been displaced so far by recent fighting between the junta and ethnic groups, the United Nations said Wednesday, describing it as the biggest escalation since the 2021 coup.

Jakarta’s chairing of the bloc this year had raised hopes ASEAN could push for a peaceful solution, using its economic weight as well as its diplomatic experience, but the junta rulers have ignored a ban on high-level meetings and calls for a resolution.

“Indonesia is committed to continue helping the people of Myanmar to find a comprehensive political solution for durable peace and stability,” said Ambassador Ngurah Swajaya from Indonesia’s Office of the Special Envoy on Myanmar.

ASEAN has long been decried by critics as a toothless talking shop, but its charter principles of consensus and non-interference have limited its ability to take action.

At a leaders’ meeting in September, the bloc strongly condemned violence and attacks on civilians in Myanmar, directly blaming the ruling junta.

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