in-cosmetics Asia celebrates the most innovative personal care ingredients

The organisers of the in-cosmetics Asia trade show — which took place in Bangkok from 1-3 November 2022 — have announced this year’s Innovation Zone and Spotlight On Formulation Award winners. The awards recognise companies that had responded to the needs of the industry, demonstrated innovation and the growing focus on sustainability.

Innovation Zone: Active Ingredient Award

Scooping the Gold award for the Innovation Zone: Active Ingredient Award was Mibelle Biochemistry for its NovoRetin aromatic resin. Serving as an ideal plant-based retinol alternative, it was recognised for providing strong anti-ageing effects and exceptional benefits for acne-prone skin. Based on mastic, which is an aromatic resin from the bark of Pistacia lentiscus, a tree that grows on the Greek island of Chios, NovoRetin increases the amount of naturally occurring retinoic acid in the skin, which leads to retinol-like effects.

Taking the Silver Award, Vytrus Biotech was recognised for its Elaya Renova – The Hair Tensegrist by Vytrus Biotech – a 100% natural active for hair and scalp care.

Meanwhile, two Bronze Awards were announced:

 BASF took an accolade for its postbiotic technology for healthy ageing, Postbiolift. It contains the fermentation supernatant of Lactobacillus crispatus. Its secreted metabolites contribute to more elastic skin, a smoother appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, and an even complexion.

 Cellicon Lab was also recognised with the Bronze Award for its DST-DX targeted skin-lightener. Designed to target melanocytes, the ingredient contains one of the most potent tyrosinase inhibitors.

Innovation Zone: Functional Ingredient Award

As far as functional ingredients are concerned, Ashland Singapore celebrated the Gold win for its Antaron soja glyceride: a novel nature-derived, biodegradable water resistant film former and SPF booster for suncare formulations that also provides transfer resistance for colour cosmetics.

Meanwhile, Global Bioenergies took the Silver Award for its Isonaturane 12 – the trademark registered by Global Bioenergies to designate its naturally sourced isododecane product. Fellow Silver Award winner was Sharon Laboratories for its broad-spectrum preservative blend, Sharomix 699.

Bronze Award winners included Hallstar for its SolaPure Glo natural multifunctional emollient that improves sun protection performance, and Jan Dekker, for its natural derived cellulose-based emulsifier, Dekamulen Power’Feel.

Spotlight On: Formulation Award

The event also celebrated the best formulated ingredients out of more than 30 entries.

Scooping the Gold Award, DKSH was recognised for its Baby One More Time Face cleanser powder. Designed to act as part of a self-care cleansing ritual, it helps to achieve a youthful complexion and deliver “fresh, lively, bright and bouncing faces”.

Also recognised in this year’s Spotlight On Awards, Innovacos took the Silver Award for its Cleaning Oil to Milk with PolyAquol-2W. A patented polyglycerol-based O/W self-emulsifier, PolyAquol-2W is both naturally derived, and Cosmos approved. It offers a wide range of formulation compatibilities while providing a unique skin feel to emulsions.

Finally, taking the Bronze Spotlight On Award, Evonik was chosen for its Winter Time Regeneration Lotion-Vitamin D3 (MM 432/4) with TEGO Sterol 7-DHC V designed to help regenerate sun stressed skin during the winter months.

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