Getting to Know the Six Mystical Cities in Indonesia

Senin, 9 Januari 2023 – 15:20 WIB

VIVA – Indonesia is famous for its many varied cultures and tribes. Because of this, Indonesia is also famous for having cities that are full of mystical things.

These cities not only have culture and amazingly beautiful nature, but it turns out that they are also famous for the many magicians or shamans. So, here are some Indonesian cities that are known as mystical cities, reported by several sources.

Ilustrasi Bandara Banyuwangi di Jawa Timur.

Banyuwangi is one of the largest regencies in East Java and even on Java Island with an area of 5.7 square kilometers. The area is quite diverse as it consists of mountains, land, and beaches. The southern part is a plantation and conservation area protected by a nature reserve, the Meru Betiri National Park.

The Banyuwangi area also gets many nicknames. One is Bumi Blambangan because it cannot be separated from the history of the Blambangan Kingdom. Meanwhile, many people know this city has full of Santet (Black magic), but this city also has very beautiful scenery.

Halaman Selanjutnya

Banten and debus are two things that cannot be separated. Debus means art that shows extraordinary human abilities. For example, invulnerable to water or invulnerable to weapons. This art has been around for a long time in the 16th century.

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