Get Angry Easily and Excessive Emotions Can Cause Dry Skin

Kamis, 9 Maret 2023 – 12:00 WIB

VIVA – Having healthy skin is the dream of everyone, both men and women. One of the criteria for healthy skin is moisturized skin that is not sensitive, or dry. To fulfill the needs of healthy skin, several things in the holistic beauty wheel must be fulfilled and balanced.

“This holistic beauty wheel must be balanced so that the skin condition remains good and normal. But if this is not balanced, it will become a problem in skin health,” explained Dr. dr. Fitria Agustina, SpKK, FINSDV, FAADV as a Dermatologist, at The Launch of Aveeno Skin Relief, at Casablanca Mall, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

Several factors in the holistic beauty wheel must be considered. The first is biological factors that come from within the body, such as age. According to dr. Agustina, the older a person gets, the more the skin’s moisture will decrease.

“The older you are, the drier your skin will be. It is influenced by hormonal changes. Then the gender factor, men and women have different skin moisture,” she explained.

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In addition, genetic factors can also affect a person’s skin condition. If the lineage has dry and sensitive skin then it can also be owned by someone naturally. Sensitive and dry skin conditions can also be exacerbated by unclean environmental conditions.

Decreased skin moisture is common when exposed directly to sunlight. Moreover, if the skin is exposed to dust and pollution, the water content in the skin can decrease drastically, causing dry skin.

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“Then, the other 50 percent is influenced by daily lifestyle starting from skincare selection. Irritable people also affect the skin. So, emotions must also be regulated because when angry, the skin is not only wrinkled but there are hormones from the body that come out and make it easy to stress,” dr. Agustina explained.

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