From Collaboration to Innovation: AXIS-Y and Global Beauty Influencers Introduce the Skincare Game Changer ‘ay&me’ Line to Indonesian Market

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — South Korean vegan skincare brand, AXIS-Y, today introduces its most anticipated product line in Indonesia, ay&me. Additionally, to further celebrate the twin date 9.9 shopping day, AXIS-Y Indonesia is also offering an up to 50% off promo on all ay&me products.

(Jakarta, 09/09) A Skin care line Made for Me by Me: Collected from over 1,000 collaborators’ experiences in 68 countries, AXIS-Y’s ay&me line is sustainably-made and is uniquely developed using the Special Biome Blend formulation to perfectly cater to different skin problems under various weather

For further information about the ay&me line and promo, visit AXIS-Y’s Shopee Mall, TikTok Shop, or the newly launched Official Tokopedia Store on   

Inspired by the voices of beauty enthusiasts worldwide, the ay&me line is specifically formulated to nourish and improve skin complexion. AXIS-Y sought to address various skin concerns, experiences, as well as skincare ingredients and packaging for different skin types in various weather across 68 countries with an open survey. “At AXIS-Y, we have always valued our dear community’s feedback, leading us to develop and refine our products. Now, we have taken it a step further by launching an entire line, ay&me, co-created with our community over the past 2 years through surveys, polls, and product sampling, perfectly tailored to meet their skincare desires with our tagline ‘Made for Me by Me’,” said Maggie Yue, CEO & Founder of AXIS-Y.  

ay&me is a range of products that contain the Special Biome Blend, a unique formulation innovation created by AXIS-Y using five beneficial prebiotics and probiotics for the skin, including lactobacillus lysate, lactococcus ferment lysate, saccharomyces ferment filtrate, bifida ferment filtrate, and bifida ferment lysate. These five ingredients are combined in optimal ratios and work with the skin’s natural microbiome to nourish, improve health, and rejuvenate the skin. The ay&me line by AXIS-Y offers an optimal skincare range, including the Biome Comforting Infused Toner, Biome Radiating Intensified Essence, Biome Ultimate Indulging Cream, Biome Resetting Moringa Cleansing Oil, and the Biome Recharging Night Renewal Set, consisting of the Biome Recharging Enhanced Night Balm and 10 Panthenol Supporting Concentrate. This line contains natural ingredients with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that effectively moisturize the skin.

As a skincare brand inspired by nature, the ay&me line also utilizes core ingredients such as mugwort, centella asiatica, moringa oil, and adenosine to nourish, balance, and strengthen the skin. This combination makes the ay&me line suitable for Indonesian skin, which is likely to have a damaged skin barrier due to pollution exposure and climate change. “We understand that skincare products need to have personal value and adaptability to the surrounding environment. Through the ay&me range inspired by climate and environment, AXIS-Y is committed to supporting the Indonesian community in achieving healthy and naturally beautiful skin through personalized skincare products,” added Maggie Yue.

In this newest product line, AXIS-Y introduces two must-haves hero products that are a great addition to the day-and-night care routine for all skin types, namely Biome Resetting Moringa Cleansing Oil and Biome Comforting Infused Toner. The cleansing oil contains AXIS-Y’s special biome blend, moringa oil, and calendula flower oil that aid to purify and nourish the skin from external stressor, preventing it to age quickly, promote skin regeneration, and help protect from imbalances in skin condition, such as dryness and irritation. Meanwhile, the infused toner is set to be easy for skin to absorb, soothing the dry skin by replenishing moisture from the inside out and refining the skin texture for a rejuvenated glow with the power of synergized 5-Probiotics Complex, mugwort, and centella asiatica extract.

AXIS-Y also supports environmental sustainability, which is reflected in the packaging of the ay&me line, that is recyclable using 30% PCR PET, FSC-labelled paper, and environmentally friendly materials. Moreover, this product range has been obtained animal-test-free and is approved by BPOM Indonesia for circulation.

To prevent the circulation of counterfeit products, beauty enthusiasts can purchase the latest AXIS-Y range through AXIS-Y Shopee Mall, Official TikTok, Official Instagram, or the newly launched Official Tokopedia Store on The AXIS-Y products will also be available in 12 Watson locations across Jakarta, Bandung, Depok, and Surabaya.

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