Foreign Racers Praise the Beauty of Lake Toba Track at APRC 2023

Senin, 27 November 2023 – 16:00 WIB

Sumatra – The Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) Lake Toba Grand Final took place at the AEK Nauli Sector Industrial Plantation Forest (HTI) track, Lake Toba Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra. Several of foreign racers at the 2023 APRC impressed by the track.  

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One is indian racer Sanjay Takale and Navigator Musa Sherif revealed that the Lake Toba rally track has its own challenges for the racers. 

Musa Rajekshah di Grand Final APRC Danau Toba 2023

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“I think the roads here were quite difficult but that’s what we’re looking forward to. Indonesia did a great job bringing competitors to the APRC here,” said Takale and Sherif who drive Toyota C-HR AP4 on Saturday. 

“All the drivers are quite strong, a good opportunity for us from India to compete,” he added. 

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The same thing was conveyed by a racer from New Zealand from the Cusco Racing team Mike Young. He said that the track was quite tough was a challenge in itself. 

“A big challenge, the road looks quite difficult and it was rainig. So, we will drive quite smartly, look after the car and drive fast when the road is good,” said Young, who also drives Toyota C-HR AP4. 

Musa Rajekshah di Grand Final APRC Danau Toba 2023

Meanwhile, Mana Pornsiricherd, who is also from India admitted that apart from the challenging track, the beauty of Lake Toba is very impessive. 

“This was my first moment joining APRC in Indonesia, Lake Toba is so beautiful and enjoyable for me,” he remarked. 

Having repeatedly come to Lake Toba to take part in rally championships, Sean Galael also admits that he does not get bored with Lake Toba’s natural view. 

“It looks like do a rally competition while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery,” Gelael said. 

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