Famous Indonesian coffee chain opens in Singapore with delectable buttercream lattes, limited 1-for-1 drink promo

Coffee lovers, listen up! If you often dwell around the city in search of your caffeine fix, Fore Coffee is a spot you have to check out. 

fore coffee – storefront

Fore Coffee is a famous coffee chain from Indonesia— this popular brand has over 170 stores in the country as of Mar 2024! In late 2023, the brand branched out and opened their first store in Singapore within Bugis Junction, where it serves its delicious drinks and pastries to hungry customers in the city.

fore coffee – interior

Fore Coffee uses only 100% high-grade Arabica beans from Aceh Gayo, Toraja Sapan, Java Pranger and Bali Kintamani, ensuring that your drink is of the best quality and offers an authentic taste of Indonesia.

Aside from its delectable selection of permanent drinks, Fore Coffee has launched its seasonal menu, Buttercream Temptations— this limited menu introduces 2 new buttercream lattes that will be sure to delight and impress you. From 15 to 17 Mar, customers can enjoy an exclusive 1-for-1 deal on their drinks— simply order a drink from the Buttercream Temptations menu, and be treated to any other drink on the whole menu!

What I tried at Fore Coffee

fore coffee – coffee

Fore Coffee offers a big range of drinks, with coffee being their signature, of course— even if you don’t drink coffee, you can expect to find non-coffee options like tea, dark chocolate and matcha.

fore coffee – buttercream tiramisu latte

The first drink on the seasonal Buttercream Temptations menu is the Buttercream Tiramisu Latte (S$6.50)— this indulgent drink is made with the finest house blend coffee, topped with caramel latte cream and sprinkled with cocoa powder. In Indonesia alone, over 3 million cups of the Buttercream Temptations drinks have been sold, acting as a testament to their popularity.

fore coffee – buttercream tiramisu latte

The rich creamy topping is luscious and indulgent, pairing beautifully with the fragrant, bittersweet coffee beneath. It truly does taste like tiramisu in liquid form!

fore coffee – buttercream latte

The second drink on the Buttercream Temptations menu is the Buttercream Latte (S$6.50)— this drink consists of a base of caramel latte made with the finest high-grade Arabica beans, and is topped with a generous amount of buttercream.

fore coffee – buttercream latte

The velvety buttercream is rich and addictive, with a nice sweet aroma and buttery undertones. The coffee itself is not too sweet either, allowing for the buttercream to balance it out and add some tantalising creaminess to it.

Be sure to get your hands on the limited Buttercream Temptations menu while you can!

fore coffee – coffee

The other drinks on the permanent menu at Fore Coffee are not to be missed either— for a more refreshing treat, the beautiful Hibiscus Passion Fruit (S$6) dons a stunning pink-yellow gradient colour, with the light floral aroma from the hibiscus blending nicely with the sweet and fruity passion fruit.

The Gula Aren Latte (S$6.50), on the other hand, is a signature drink made with a kind of palm sugar that is native to Indonesia. The sugar gives the coffee a unique fragrance and a nice sweetness to balance out its natural bitterness.

fore coffee – hot pandan latte

Do you prefer your coffee hot? Fore Coffee offers hot versions of its drinks too— Hot Pandan Oat (S$6.50) is one such drink, served in a pretty paper cup. The delicate aroma of the coffee is paired with the natural fragrance of the oat and pandan.

fore coffee – kouign amann

I love having my coffee with a delicious pastry, so I was delighted to learn that Fore Coffee also offers many pastries, ranging from classic French viennoiseries to more unique fusion bakes. The Kouign Amann (S$5) is their most popular pastry, with a beautiful golden brown colour.

fore coffee – kouign amann

The exterior of the Kouign Amann is crunchy and caramelised while the interior is a little more doughy and soft, offering a good textural contrast.

fore coffee – creamy chicken suisse

For something a little more savoury, opt for the Creamy Chicken Pain Suisse (S$6)— the surface of this pastry is crispy and golden, while the interior is filled with oozy cheese and chicken.

fore coffee – creamy chicken pain suisse

The creamy cheese and meaty chicken go together nicely with the buttery and crisp pastry. The savoury nature of the Creamy Chicken Pain Suisse also makes it great for pairing with the sweeter lattes on the menu.

fore coffee – cempedak crumble tart

For something a little more special, get the Cempedak Crumble Tart (S$5.50) at Fore Coffee— the buttery pastry is crumbly while the cempedak filling is fruity and not too sweet. This uniquely Asian tart is a must-try for lovers of fusion flavours.

Final thoughts

fore coffee – dishes

Fore Coffee brings the best of Indonesian coffee to Singapore’s shores. The limited edition Buttercream Temptations menu is one example of their innovation and creativity— customers will certainly be pleased by these unique offerings. 

The availability of pastries makes Fore Coffee a great spot for a tea break too. Don’t forget to get your hands on the exclusive 1-for-1 coffee deal from 15 to 17 Mar in order to enjoy their delicious drinks at a discounted price!

Expected damage: S$4.50 – S$13 per pax

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Fore Coffee.

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