‘Dirty dishes’ and a garden built on marble slabs: Experience art in fresh ways at this curated showcase

His works are part of the OFF Focus Fringe Film Programme of S.E.A. Focus and will be the first time the Thai artist’s Super 8 films will be screened in Singapore. Tiravanija will also be present at a special Artist Talk after the screening.

Tickets for the Fringe Film Programme are priced at $8 and available for purchase here.  

Unveiling the meanings of objects  

Take a look around you and the objects in your space. What are they? Do they have a personal meaning for you? Are they functional for work? Internationally recognised Vietnamese-born Danish artist Danh Vo’s work often takes the form of objects and images with meaning that can change with context.

At S.E.A. Focus this year, you are invited to explore a uniquely designed garden built on marble slabs, specially created by the contemporary artist in his signature conceptual style. Stepping into this uniquely experiential public space, visitors are invited to contemplate and confront aspects of life, and how their own stories could alter their perception of the work.

Tip: Consider taking your contemplation one step further by exploring the works of emerging artists in the region, such as Ivan David Ng (Singapore), Ari Bayuaji (Indonesia), Christina Lopez (Philippines), Thun Dina (Cambodia) and Supawich Weesapen (Thailand). 

Ivan David Ng’s paintings, for instance, delve into what it means to exist as a human being wedged between land (the terrestrial) and sky (the celestial). The works he will be showcasing at S.E.A. Focus will draw on the sun and moon as symbols of change and continuity.

Ng says: “The paintings seek to unpack the saying that ‘change is the only constant’ while simultaneously drawing out the unexpected beauty in a world saturated with change.”

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