Connecting skin and wellness through cosmetic innovations

The skin, as the largest organ in the human body, is highly connected with the nervous system – known as the skin-brain axis – which functions in a bidirectional way. This is largely due to complex physiological environment of the skin, which contains cutaneous nerve endings that interact with neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, as well as stress hormones, which controls this two-way street between the skin and our psychological state, and vice versa. But also, psychological stress is more and more present in our daily lives, due, in part, to being hyperconnected to the modern world.

Moreover, it is known that the recent pandemic situation has raised the levels of anxiety and stress in the worldwide population. These factors may impact skin physiology and accelerate the signs of skin aging. In response, wellness practices are becoming popular among a population who are not only interested in alleviating their stress levels, but also wanting a healthy and rejuvenated appearance at the same time.

Lubrizol Life Science Beauty (LLS Beauty) brings innovative solutions to the market that not only improve skin appearance but also elevate well-being and positive emotions, and even alleviate psychological stress. These psychological markers have been quantified through various techniques.

Telophi biotech ingredient emerges as a new active ingredient that is able to reduce stress skin-associated damage while helping to alleviate physiological stress levels. A clinical study showed a significant decrease of the cortisol levels after 28 days of treatment accompanied by improvements in facial harmony and balance. Telophi biotech ingredient provides a solution that helps to fights the negative effects of psychological stress.

Oxylance advanced botanical ingredient appears as a new active ingredient able to improve skin oxygen levels while enhancing the feel of happiness. The wellness part of the study was performed with the help of Emotion Research lab, in which human volunteers were asked to describe how they emotionally felt after 28 days of application of a cream containing 2% of OxylanceTM advanced botanical ingredient.

A specific software that uses emotional intelligence was used to record the answer of each volunteer and characterize the global emotional pattern by means of the average activation of basic emotions. In addition, the results obtained after product application were compared with a group of human volunteers who enjoyed a yoga class following the same emotions evaluation technique. The application of an active cream containing 2% of Oxylance advanced botanical ingredient enhanced mean of maximum value happiness confirming that active ingredient can improve positive feelings, like happiness, like after a yoga session.

Uniclay biotech ingredient was assessed to simulate the wellness-enhancing benefits of clay masks in a group of human volunteers by a Mirror Test technique. For that, a vocal (prosody) and semantic (verbatim) analysis was performed from the responses of two formulated questions when they were individually confronted to their own reflection in a mirror. The application of the ingredient resulted in a shift of perception, from a more negative and lower arousal (before treatment) to a more positive and higher excitement feeling (after treatment), indicating a better self-satisfaction.

Self-image, or what we see when we look in the mirror and how we picture ourselves in our head, is one of the main contributors to how we feel and hence, to our well-being. LLS Beauty offers to the market innovative opportunities focused on boosting our relaxed state, counteract the emotional stress, and improve the sense of happiness.

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