Claude, The Independent Indonesian-based Fashion Brand, Launches Its First Ever Modest Wear Collection: Noesantara


JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Praised for its creative pleated designs, the independent Indonesian-based fashion brand Claude ventures out to launch its first ever modest wear collection entitled, NOESANTARA. Just in time for welcoming the beautiful month of Ramadan and under the creative leadership of Christie Johana, the collection was launched in collaboration with two celebrated Indonesian fashion figures – Ayla Dimitri and Alika Islamadina to incorporate their perspective in this two-part, 26-piece collection.

“4 Apr. Iftar celebration with Ayla, Alika, and friends” From left to right back row: Alika Islamadina, Ayla Dimitri, Claudia Setyohadi, Danita Sigarlaki From left to right middle row: Marsha Aruan, Nazla Alifa Senia, Amalla Vesta W, Radhini Aprilya, Ellyse Sinsilia, Audrey Tapiheru, Ify Alyssa, Kalya Islamadina, Christie Johana, Raden Prisya From left to right bottom row: Abigail Cantika, Cindy Karmoko, Wisnu Genu, Rangga Moela, Tities Sapoetra, Mikaila Patritz

Inspired by the immeasurable beauty of Indonesia’s nature from Sabang to Merauke, NOESANTARA translates the quintessence of Indonesia’s flora, such as Orchid, Plumeria, and the infamous Rafflesia Arnoldi into an artwork of line art prints with green and white as the main color of the collection as a symbol of life and purity.

Months of development epitomize the obsession for perfection, especially when the project is with one of Jakarta’s most influential faces in fashion and lifestyle, and an Indonesian songstress/style-icon with over 98,600 monthly listeners on Spotify. “Albeit the two different perspectives in fashion between Ayla and Alika, and not to mention Claude itself, we were able to harmonize the inspirations into one beautiful collection,” said Christie Johana.

In formalizing the complete collection, An Iftar celebration with Ayla’s and Alika’s friends took on the 4th of April 2022 at Plataran, Jakarta. Consumers will see many familiar faces from: Tyna Dwijayanti, Jessica Mila, Ify Alyssa, and many more. During the event, guests will arrive wearing all the pieces that can found on the NOESANTARA collection; from printed pleats, knits, and solid colored items.

Ultimately, Claude endeavors to pursue its vision which is providing elevated looks for women based on trends that suit the everyday lifestyle; while balancing the need of Millennials and Gen Z, the founders decided to create an “adaptive fashion model” since late 2020.

In layman’s terms, Claude manufactures new designs in small batches and should the design become successful, the company manufacture more according to consumer demands. Consequently, allowing Claude to reduce their carbon footprint due to less raw material and finished goods waste, provide higher wages, and better working environment compared to industry standards. In 2021, Claude reported no finished goods waste with 99.9% of items produced sold to customers.

As an additional benefit, this allows Claude to ramp up new pieces faster and provide more selections for consumers to choose from (ultra-fast fashion), without the guilt of environmental damage. Christie added:As long as human still exists in this world and being naked is not an option, fashion is always here to stay, therefore we need to revolutionize the fashion industry to take a giant leap forward.

SOURCE Claude Retail Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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