Business Spotlight: Terry Yurek Insurance

Terri Yurek wants to talk to clients no matter where they are on their Medicare journey — even if they are more than a year from making a decision.

“Making a poor healthcare decision usually has dire health and financial outcomes,” said Yurek, president and CEO of Terri Yurek Insurance.

Yurek started her insurance company in 1997. She now has about 75 agents throughout California.

“I can carry those experiences down to my team,” she said. “I love to be able to take my experience, my learning and my mistakes so they don’t have to make the same ones.”

Her agents commit several hours with patients before recommending a Medicare plan.

“The specialization makes us very unique,” she said.

Initial meetings consist of going over general health, medication and finances. Those seeking information on Medicare can get duped by biased information centralized on only one plan, Yurek said. Her agents work with high ethics and poise, she added.

“As an independent agency, our commitment is objectivity,” she said. “Medicare is super complicated.”

Yurek said all her agents work for straight commission. They don’t try to push a particular plan on clients.

“That’s the beauty of working with a licensed broker,” she said. “We have no motive.”

Her agents conduct annual reviews for all clients “to make sure the next year they’re going to be in a good place.”

“Not every agency is overseeing their agents the way I do,” Yurek added.

Yurek’s agents speak an array of languages including Taiwanese, Farci, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese.

“We have a very diverse team,” she said.

Terri Yurek Insurance’s office is at 13240 Evening Creek Drive South Suite 305 in Sabre Springs. Walk-in seminars are available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.

Her office can be reached at 858-391-8544.

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