Borneo Beauty Secret Harmonises the Mind-Body

I’m a sucker for a spa day. My mother introduced massages to me as a little girl, as her mother did for her.

Unknowingly, massages instilled a mother-daughter bond. I should add: it’s also a bond connecting our own bodies and minds to the present well-being.

At Apurva Spa, nestled away one floor below the grandeur of the Pendopo Lobby of The Apurva Kempinski Bali, its treatments are inspired by the Javanese manuscript Rupasampat Wahyabiantara“, which means true beauty will be obtained when outer and inner beauty are in harmony. Massages, scrubs, and other body treatments are available for spa-seekers to indulge in. Apurva Spa strives to enrich inner welfare using traditional herbal drinks, healthy light bites, and meditation for mind-body balance, too. Treatments are therefore split based on the stages of life; adolescence, adulthood, married life, and post-adulthood to fulfil a variety of needs.

Apurva Spa

I descend Pendopo Lobby’s stairs, reeling in glimpses of the long stretch of the five-star resort illuminating the light-teal-coloured ocean. To the left is the intricate wooden-carved walls of Apurva Spa. Escorted into the waiting room, I gulp down a striking purple concoction of natural herbs native to Indonesia. “Please follow me,” said Ayuni, one of the spa attendants of my mind-body excursion of the day, hailing from Bali. Prancing through the corridors infused in cool tones and more wooden doors Bali’s architecture is famed for, I was in absolute awe. A lady looking revived after her treatment passed by.

welcome drink Apurva Spa

Entering the spa room designated for couples, I fathom how romantic it would be to bond with a loved one while being pampered against the Indian Ocean. I’d still advocate having a spa day with a dear friend here. Another spa attendant named Merbi, from Sumba, greets me, “Please take a seat.” I comfortably adjust myself dressed in a lightweight batik motif kimono as Merbi introduces herself and asks about any specific pressure points to focus on and avoid. “Every inch of my body except for my stomach,” I replied.

Foot scrub

Merbi and Ayuni start with foot scrubs infused with green tea, bath salt, tea tree, and pave stone. They wash it off by splashing blessing water good for relaxing muscles. Laying face down underneath a sarong as slow, grounding rhythmic tunes belt out, we request a dark setting. “Next is aura cleansing; wholesome to relax the body and mind,” says Merbi. This procedure begins with meditation. “Please take a deep breath and let it out. We’ll do that one more time. Now, relax your mind and body following the singing bowl,” continues Merbi. This meditative aura cleansing is beneficial for positive and negative auras to pierce and release.

Apurva spa corridor

A spa experience combines aesthetic treatments with relaxation therapy resulting in many health and relaxation benefits. The pleasure is all mine to reap the benefits of the Borneo Beauty Secret, a treatment lasting two hours broken down into an hour of massage, a 30-minute scrub, plus a half-hour mask and steam – available on 1st-31st September 2022 at Apurva Spa.

The natural abundance of Banjar, South Kalimantan inspires this treatment using the Ba’urut massage technique. Merbi’s hands caress my aching body with adequate pressure, leading me into a state of zen. An hour somehow goes by. She covers my skin in scrub and exfoliates dead skin. Afterwards, a minty, cooling mask awakens my consciousness due to its tingling sensation on my skin. The oils and scrubs used are inspired by natural ingredients native to the mystical island of Borneo, functioning as antioxidants and preventing rheumatism, and rejuvenating the skin. The treatment comes to an end with the Batimung body steam, the traditional famed steam in Kalimantan using herbal ingredients to dismiss body odour and to remove toxins and excessive sweat.

Left to right Ayuni and Merbi

I sense revitalisation coming out of the shower, similar to the lady I saw earlier. “We hope you had a wonderful spa experience,” said Merbi and Ayuni.

The Borneo Beauty Secret executes in simplified time compared to Apurva Spa’s other treatments which usually take up to three hours. It’s straightforward. Each couple seeking this reviving treatment is charged Rp2.3 million++, meanwhile, one person pays Rp1.2 million++.

No need to fuss about missing this promotional treatment. Apurva Spa offers different promotions every month to introduce the diversity of traditional treatments in the archipelago thus guests can experience a unique treatment. Be on the lookout for the next traditional treatments from Sulawesi using Bedda Lotong, a typical scrub from the Bugis tribe of South Sulawesi that utilises black sticky rice and herbs.

A spa day is strongly encouraged. Thus, wellness enthusiasts of all ages are welcome to receive necessary mind-body relaxation that’s suitable for all life stages at Apurva Spa. My spa excursion at Apurva Spa was certainly the morale booster and stress relief therapy I longed for. Leaving the spa with a more relaxing, passionate inner and outer self-connection, I realised I forgot one of my rings in the jewellery box! Luckily, the reception lady found it.

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