Beyond Accommodation – Aryaduta Hotels Sets the Bar for Culturally-Rich Experiences in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Aryaduta Hotels is thrilled to announce an ongoing series of global events and campaigns with a unique focus on providing culturally rich experiences for both business and family travelers. Uniquely Aryaduta, these three different campaigns, each centered around a distinct theme – Tjakap Djiwa focusing on wellness, Sapta Rasa on culinary, and Asta Karya, emphasizing art & culture have been captivating guests since mid-2023. This showcases a rare commitment to delivering unforgettable, culturally enriched stays in Indonesia hospitality industry.

Aryaduta Hotels is committed to providing a culturally rich stay experiences, as manifested in their various unique campaigns

During “Tjakap Djiwa” campaign which runs from January to April,  guests will be able to experience a harmonious blend of curated wellness activities, healthy food options, fitness programs, and rejuvenating spa treatments, encapsulating the holistic essence of Indonesian living. From May to August “Sapta Rasa” transforms Aryaduta Hotels into a culinary haven, offering guests an array of special events, cooking classes, and special menus inspired by Indonesia’s diverse flavors and locally sourced produce. The “Asta Karya” campaign, spanning from September to November, showcases Aryaduta’s commitment to supporting local artistic endeavors, with events that contribute to philanthropic and social causes. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in cultural activities, art exhibitions, and unique stay experiences that showcase the vibrant tapestry of Indonesian creativity.

Aryaduta Hotels has seamlessly integrated these campaigns into the guest experience, blending global inspiration and authentic Indonesian hospitality. Commenting on the success of these ongoing campaigns, Arthur Situmeang, Group Director of Marketing and Communications at Aryaduta Hotels, stated, “We are delighted to see the enthusiastic response from our guests. Few hotels take the initiative to offer distinctive experiences that go beyond accommodation, allowing guests to create lasting memories and develop a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of our beloved Indonesia.”

With this unique approach, Aryaduta Hotels continues to set new standards in Indonesian hospitality. These global campaigns underline the brand’s dedication to delivering unparalleled experiences that resonate with guests on a personal and cultural level.  For more information and reservations, please contact Aryaduta Reservations Center at or visit

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Aryaduta has been synonymous with classic-contemporary Indonesian hospitality since 1976, providing ‘Iconically Indonesian, Globally Inspired’ experiences at ten distinct hotels and resorts located in strategic cities in Indonesia. Aryaduta embodies the essence of Indonesian hospitality in every element of our services, making it our absolute passion to ensure our guests feel at home. All while celebrating Indonesia’s cultural heritage in hotels and resorts around Indonesia.

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