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One beautiful country has more beaches and seaside towns than anywhere else in the world, with numerous islands making it the perfect place for a relaxing trip.

While Canada is famed for having the longest coastline in the world, Indonesia has the most seaside areas as it is made up of five main islands and more than 30 smaller archipelagoes giving it 18,110 islands and islets of which only 6,000 are inhabited.

The country is known for its breathtaking ancient sites which are mixed with futuristic modern cities to give visitors the perfect taste of Asia.

Some of the best islands for soaking up the sun on the beach include Komodo, Lombok and Sumatra, which all feature beautiful clear blue seas mixed with golden sands.

Indonesia is also a hiker’s paradise with Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo being holy grails for climbers due to their active volcanoes.

For those looking to swim, the pristine waters of the Riau Islands, Karimunjawa and Bunaken National Park are among the highest rated places to visit, with other activities such as scuba diving and surfing also popular on the islands.

One of Indonesia’s most unique beaches is Pantai Merah, the pink beach, which is one of just seven beaches of pink sand in the world.

But despite its appearance, the colour is actually caused by organisms called Foraminifera reflecting against the sun.

Nature lovers will also be able to spot the Komodo Dragon in its natural habitat on Komodo Island where the pink beach is located.

Reviewers on Tripadvisor rave about Indonesia’s seaside sunspots calling a trip to Indonesia an “amazing adventure” despite “humid” conditions.

One reviewer said: “Amazing place to visit but the going is not for the weak. It’s in a beautiful location but the trails through national parks are barren and on a hot humid day they are hard work.

“We had people with us collapse and had to be carried out. To be fair they were warned but decided to go anyway. Saw plenty of dragons and they are impressive up close in the wild.”

Those wishing to see Indonesia for themselves can get a return flight from London Heathrow to Jakarta with Etihad for about £600.

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