Bali branded ‘most overrated place’ after photos emerge: Instagram v Reality

It’s long been considered a paradise for tourists, particularly Aussies, with its beautiful beaches, relatively inexpensive resorts and proximity to our shores.

But some TikTokers are now revealing what they say is the unpleasant reality behind their Bali holidays.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: TikTokers share the reality of a Bali holiday.

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In videos posted to the platform, users show construction sites, unclean waterways and muddy fields.

One traveller, Dutch woman Luna de Fauw, shared her experience at a resort.

The video, captioned “Bali Insta vs real life” began with a view of a tourist relaxing by a sparkling blue pool, under the shade of palm trees.

Dutch traveller Luna de Fauw showed her resort with a pool and palm trees. Credit: TikTok/@luna_maryse

But as Luna panned around, her video showed a vacant lot full of mud and a construction site.

Her clip left commenters divided, with some defending the popular tourist destination.

“I don’t care what anyone says.. Bali is a vibe. Love it,” someone wrote.

Another said: “Wow, construction, truly shocking – you (think) they stop expanding because of tourists?”

“You’ve been watching too many people who think Bali is all glitz and glam on TikTok,” a third wrote.

As Luna panned around, she was met with a muddy vacant lot and a construction site. Credit: TikTok/@luna_maryse

Others slammed the Indonesian island.

“It’s always been like that. The only good thing about Bali is the flight home,” one user said.

“Bali is the most overrated place I’ve ever been,” a second wrote.

Luna wasn’t the only one to share her disappointing stay.

User travelling.nusapenida posted a video on their Bali getaway which went viral – viewed more than 6.1 million times.

In the short clip, a couple is seen standing on a ladder leading up to a small shack.

In the background are small islands with steep mountains surrounding an azure blue sea.

The caption: Expectation.

Another TikTok user shared their gorgeous view with a shack and incredible background. Credit: TikTok/@travelling.nusapenida

The next second, viewers are taken to the inside of the shack – where a mattress is on the floor.

The caption: Reality.

But inside, viewers could see a mattress on the floor. Credit: TikTok/@travelling.nusapenida

Thousands rushed to the comments to slam the TikToker, with many saying “it’s not about the room” but ”it’s about the view”.

“People will complain no matter what,” one user said.

“I would sleep here happily to wake up for the view,” a second wrote.

Another commented that they preferred the “reality”, saying it’s “much better than (the) expectation”.

TikToker Victoria Goulbourne also posted a series of videos on her Bali holiday – with one post attracting more than 68 million views.

Victoria Goulbourne shared her relaxing resort pool. Credit: TikTok/@victoria_goulbourne

As she wanders around a resort village in Canggu, a gorgeous pool is shown.

But when she pans around, users are shown a dirty waterway.

She captioned the video “Don’t be fooled by Insta.”

When Victoria pans around, a muddy waterway is seen. Credit: TikTok/@victoria_goulbourne

But just like the other video, commenters weren’t having any of it.

“I mean that’s nature,” one said.

“Looks like a wetland, and when the water runs low, of course it’ll be a field of mud. Rather this than manmade stuff.”

Another suggested to “choose to see the beauty in everything” because “things aren’t the way they seem”.

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