Bali and George Clooney – Saudi Gazette

“Ticket to Paradise” is a comedy, social, and romantic film where Hollywood’s most handsome and smiling faces stars come together along with the media face of Nespresso, the actor George Clooney.

The actors represented a story that did not break the norm of Western life from courts and cases of separation, child custody, to property and living expenses division. Having a law graduate daughter in the film makes the legal story more interesting.

The film positively discussed the differences between cultures based on customs and traditions that are associated with religion, where the story of love and marriage was between a young Muslim Indonesian and a girl from the American West, who was introduced in the film, as a law graduate and the daughter of George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

The most genuine and crucial point of view, which is demonstrated in the film, is that Indonesia, a G20 member, will soon host the G20 summits and its work.

Whereas undertaking long-and short-term strategic plans, were the main reasons behind this film that promotes family tourism for its most tourist destination attraction, Bali Island.

The film scenes promoted all elements that support tourism from sea to local people, affordable goods, food and activities diversity, security, hospitality, respect of cultures and religious differences as well as the charm and beauty of nature where all these elements are the main reasons to attract tourists from all around the world.

Tom Cruise and his film on Khalifah Tower, which was filmed in Dubai, is an example of the permanent and ongoing attraction tourists plan to the world’s tourism capitals.

These films emphasize the soft power of the film production industry from Hollywood to Bollywood, and more will be seen soon from and about Saudi because of Vision 2030.

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