(Video) Baby Shima Announces New Indonesian Citizenship; Netizens Lose Their Minds!

Nor Ashima Ramli, or better known as Baby Shima, is no stranger to controversy. From comparing herself to Neelofa to inviting criticism for not voting, the Dangdut queen is a magnet for scandal – but she really doesn’t mind the heat. Now, she’s in the headlines again.

Just recently, a video on TikTok went viral in which the Dangdut singer is seen on the Indonesian TV show, Trans TV. What made this appearance noteworthy was that she was announcing that she had become an Indonesian citizen.


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In the said TikTok video, the 30-year-old singer is seen showing off her new, bright blue identification card which legally states that she is officially both Malaysian and Indonesian. She even spoke with an Indonesian accent!


What made netizens angry is the fact that the “Roadblock Hatiku” singer looked particularly happy with this development, leaving Malaysians highly disappointed. The reaction of the Indonesian show host, Dewi, also gave netizens reason to laugh, as she seems unimpressed.


Scrolling through the TikTok video’s comment section, we found that many netizens were quick to express their dissatisfaction – but most of them “joked” about not wanting her in Malaysia in the first place. Several commenters urged Indonesia to let her stay and never send her back. One commenter said, “I hope one day she won’t regret it when she thinks of her family back in Malaysia.

Despite all the criticisms, we hope that Baby Shima remains the way she is and powers through all the negativity. We also pray for her health and well-being, wherever in the world she decides to call home!

Source: TikTok

Puteri Teja contributed to this article.

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