Twitter User Uploads Video of an Atlas Moth And the Internet is Mesmerised By Its Beauty

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Last Updated: January 09, 2023, 16:46 IST

Twitter User Uploads Video of an Atlas Moth. (Image: Twitter/@ErikSolheim)

Twitter user Erik Solheim took to his official handle and shared a video of the spectacular species.

Mother earth houses some very rare and beautiful creatures. One of them is the Atlas moth. Considered as one of the largest moth species in the world, its wings are larger than a human hand and are known for their spectacular colours and designs. Recently, Twitter user Erik Solheim took to his official handle and shared a video of the spectacular species. The video shows the moth spreading its wings on a human hand. “Wonderful Mother Earth. The atlas butterfly, seen in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia, is the largest known butterfly in the world with a wingspan of 30 centimeters,” read the caption of the video.

These moths do not take large flights despite the size of their wings. Also, they have a brief lifespan of just one to two weeks after coming out of their cocoons. Because of their appearance, they are often confused with a butterfly. Have a look at the video:

Since uploaded, the video has gone viral and managed to gather over 202K views. “When i was kid these kind of moth/butterfly was common sight in houses, garden. Now it’s becoming rare, almost never see these kind. We’re getting used to their absence. I’m wondering what happened to them,” wrote a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “Maybe wonderful but a butterfly that big on my hand would mean I need to change my pants. Not liking things with more than 4 legs ,creeps me out.”

Meanwhile, earlier, as part of the third annual butterfly count in Delhi, the counting team found 66 new species of butterflies. The species were spotted by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). In fact, some of these species are among the rarest species of this year.

Sohail Madan, CEC, Manager of Bombay Natural History Society, said, “Brown awl, Dingy Swift and common red flash were among the rare species spotted this year, while the common ones included plain tiger, common grass yellow, mottled emigrant and common emigrant.” Ishwar Singh, principal chief conservator of forests, said, “The butterfly month (September) shows the results of the habitat improvement in Delhi, as these insects are the indicators of a good ecosystem.” He added that during the counting drive, butterflies were spotted at 45 locations in Delhi on September 22.”

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