Top 5 Indonesian Influencers You Need to Follow in 2023

Indonesia is a small South-East Asian country mainly known for its tourism. Like the rest of the world, it also does not remain untouched by the tide of social media impact. The country has also given a few fresh faces as social media celebrities or influencers adored by netizens for their super-quality content on Instagram. These influencers have a fan following no less than any movie star or internationally acclaimed athlete.

Let us get to know a few of these top influencers whose content would bound you to follow them on Instagram.

Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina: The leading couple and influencer and owner of RANS Entertainment Production house have 57.8 million followers on Instagram. While Raffi is a known actor, singer, and producer, and Nagita is a singer. Together they form a strong presence on Instagram. The couple is known to present glimpses of their luxurious lifestyle.

Ayu Rosmalina: This beautiful singer is very popular on Instagram. Better known by her nickname Ting Ting, Ayu is one of the most popular singers in Indonesia. She has 54.1 million followers on Instagram. The gorgeous singer mostly posts about music and travel. Her posts include unmissable glimpses of her exotic travels across the world.

Natasha Wilona: This Indonesian model & actor is the most adored Indonesian beauty on Instagram with 41.3 million followers. Her Instagram handle is a vibrant mix of her personal life glimpses, professional feeds, and brand endorsement. No one can ignore her flawless beauty and charismatic persona. She endorses a few of the top Indonesian brands like Femmy, INDODAX, Bioaqua, and many other beauty and cosmetic brands.

Laudya Cynthia Bella: This Indonesian actress and singer is yet another loveable influencer on Instagram. Her cute and attractive looks and voice leave netizens awestruck with her persona. Laudya is known for her role in the movies Virgin, Berbagi Suami, and Belenggu among many others. She has 39 million followers on Instagram.

Atta Halintar: Muhammad Attamiimi Halintar professionally known as Atta Halintar is a renowned YouTuber and Social Media personality. He is a celebrity truly created on social media. He is the first south-east Asian YouTuber and is very popular among Indonesian youngsters. Atta Halinter has 29 million followers on Instagram. He endorses AHHA Production, Pendekar United Sports Club FC Bekasi sports team among many other endorsements.

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