“Seven Fountains”: the seven springs of the Spirit to discover meaning in life

Father Beda stresses that Seven
is a source of
spiritual experience. Mainly religious women and men and priests come to Seven
. They come not only from Thailand, but also from a number of
other countries in the region, especially Singapore and Malaysia. Non-Catholic
Christians, both from Singapore and the Protestant University in Chiang Mai,
also number among the retreatants. Father Saichon notes that number of Thais
who use the center is relatively small. The reasons for this are, firstly, because
the vast majority of the population is Buddhist, and, secondly, because
Catholics are found mainly among the indigenous groups of the mountainous north:
they have their own dialects, and do not have the freedom or financial
resources to leave their jobs and spend a week in the city.

acknowledges that the links between this retreat house and the Society of Jesus
are somewhat tenuous. One reason for this is the isolation of the area. But currently,
the Indonesian Provincial, is strengthening this relationship: the Region of
Thailand is attached to the Indonesian Province. The Jesuit Conference of Asia-Pacific
also organises meetings and sessions at Seven
. Recently, the Major Superiors of the JCAP Conference held its assembly
at the facility.

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