RI receives Buddha statue from Thailand to strengthen cooperation

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesian President’s Special Staff Coordinator AAGN Ari Dwipayana attended the awarding ceremony of “Buddha Rupa” (Buddha statue) at Wat Raja Rajabophit Sathimahasimarama in Bangkok, Thailand, by Somdet Phra Ariyavangsagaranyana, Somdet Phrasangharaja Sakalamahasanghaparinnayaka for Indonesian Buddhists.

“Cultural relations between Indonesia and Thailand have long historical roots, including in relation to the exchange of Buddha statues,” Dwipayana noted in a statement received in Jakarta, Monday.

Dwipayana highlighted that the Buddha statue was not only awarded by the Kingdom of Thailand to Indonesia but Buddha statues from Indonesia, especially Java, have also been awarded to Thailand.

“This can be seen from the two Buddha statues that are still stored in the Bovonarives Temple complex, Bangkok. In the temple complex, there are two Buddha statues made of andesite stone, which resemble the Buddha Rupa in Kalasan Temple, Yogyakarta,” he remarked.

In addition, King Rama V from the Kingdom of Thailand visited Java thrice. In fact, the third visit of King Rama V to Java Island was conducted for 80 days.

“During his visit to Indonesia, King V really admired the Buddhist temples in Java, especially the beauty of Mendut Temple,” Dwipayana remarked.

The awarding of the Buddha Rupa by the Thai Sangharaja, Somdet Phra Ariyavangsagaranyana, Somdet Phrasangharaja Sakalamahasanghaparinnayaka for Indonesian Buddhists was symbolically received by the Indonesian Sanghapamokkha Sangha Theravada, Bhante Pannavaro Mahathera.

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The event was also attended by Minister of Culture of Thailand Y.M. Itthipol Kunplome, Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand Rachmat Budiman, Director General of the Buddhist Community Guidance Supriyadi, and dozens of senior Sangha from both Indonesia and Thailand, as well as hundreds of Indonesian Buddhists, who came from various regions.

It is believed that the presence of these two Buddha statues will strengthen cooperation and real friendship between Buddhists from Indonesia and Thailand.

This will concurrently encourage the strengthening of cooperation in the field of people-to-people contacts and serve as a binding force for deeper relations between Indonesia and Thailand.

The plan is for the two Buddha statues, each measuring three meters in height, to be placed at two locations in Indonesia: the Jinapannyasarana Temple, Perbaungan City, Serdang Bedagai Regency, North Sumatra Province, and the Buddharatana Temple, Medan Polonia District, Medan City, North Sumatra Province.

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Translated by: Putu Indah Savitri, Cindy Frishanti Octavia
Editor: Yuni Arisandy Sinaga

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