RENT The Musical Comes to Ciputra Artpreneur, Jakarta

Ciputra Artpreneur wants to welcome the momentum of the artistic revival in Jakarta by presenting a legendary musical drama performance, namely RENT The Musical, on 25-27th November 2022, at the Ciputra Artpreneur Theater.

This Broadway musical theatre is presented in collaboration between Ciputra Artpreneur and Teman Musicals. On Broadway, RENT became one of the longest-running musicals of 12 years (1996-2008), and has also been performed in more than 50 countries. Undeniably, RENT will become a “thirst quencher” for the public in Indonesia who longs for a quality musical drama performance. Many cultural arts performances have to be postponed, or even cancelled due to social restrictions and other obstacles due to the COVID-19 pandemic however, the stretch in the arts and culture sector has begun to show.

RENT is a drama that displays hope amid adversity. Jonathan Larson’s RENT has won several awards such as the Pulitzer Award for the Drama category and Tony Award for the Best Musical category. This show tells the story of a group of young artists who have to fight hard to survive amid poverty and under the shadow of HIV/AIDS. It will give the audience a new experience full of emotions with energetic musicality that makes RENT a touching, tickling, and inspiring spectacle.

Chriskevin Adefrid, CEO and Producer of Teman Musicals, for the second time held a performance adaptation of a Broadway show produced and played by young local artists after successfully bringing the Broadway adaptation of Hairspray in 2019, which was also staged at Ciputra Artpreneur.

Besides wanting to present a quality Broadway musical drama performance, Teman Musicals also wants to carry out a social and humanitarian mission, namely campaigning for anti-discrimination against PLWHA (People with HIV/AIDS). So far, PLWHA in Indonesia and the world are still marginalised in society and have not received more attention from interested parties.

Ciputra Artpreneur is always committed to presenting a variety of quality art performances to the public. In addition to RENT, Ciputra Artpreneur has also presented a series of international shows ranging from Beauty & The Beast, Delicious Musical Bibap, Stars of the West End, and Pavarotti Forever. Ciputra Artpreneur is also the venue for various quality performances from Indonesia such as I La Galigo, Sampek Engtay, Indonesian Musical Festival, Under the Volcano, and others.

RENT The Musical will be performed by dozens of young Indonesian artists and musicians in five shows. Ticket purchases can already be done via the platform. Furthermore, there a 10 percent discount using the code BCARENT for BCA Credit Card holders with the Visa or Mastercard logo, or BCA Debit Cards with the Mastercard logo until 20th November 2022 is offered.

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