Puteri Indonesia speaks out on losing Miss Universe license

Yayasan Puteri Indonesia was surprised, Miss Universe’s license was taken by another organization

The Yayasan Puteri Indonesia (YPI) the organization behind the annual Puteri Indonesia pageant revealed in an official press release they were shocked by the news that the Miss Universe Indonesia license has been taken over by PT Capella Swastika Karya.

According to the Head of Communication for the Puteri Indonesia Foundation, Mega Angkasa, he was surprised by the statement from another organization claiming they have the license at a press conference on Wednesday, February 8 in Jakarta.

“The Puteri Indonesia Foundation was surprised because at that time we were still waiting for confirmation from MUO’s Director for Global Franchise, Carlos Capetillo, regarding the continuation of the license like the previous year,” he said.

He continued: “On January 25, 2023, YPI received information from the Miss Universe organization that there would be bidding to extend the 2023 license for Indonesia. We were only given 3 working days to submit our offer. Then YPI submitted the offer on January 31, 2023, Indonesian time in line with the schedule by MUO, we submitted an offer that was 1000% (10 times) the value YPI paid the previous year. The offer included several cooperation offers with MUO including making Miss Universe a brand ambassador, makeup, and merchandise sponsor of Miss Universe in Indonesia.”

“MUO informed that it would provide the announcement for the license holder on February 7, 2023. However, until February 8, 2023, there had been no update announcement received by YPI,” he added.

The press release further explained that while they were waiting for a response from MUO on their license extension on February 8, YPI found out around 4:30 p.m. that a press conference was held for the new ownership of Miss Universe Indonesia on the same day.

They said only 20 minutes after the conference they received an answer via email that their license has not been renewed — the letter was issued by JKN Global Group, and not from the Miss Universe Organization or Carlos Capetillo.

YPI expressed their disappointment about it because “there was no transparency in the process of bidding for the ownership of the Miss Universe Indonesia license.”

“We felt there was an injustice because YPI was only given 3 working days while national directors from other countries got a grace period of 5-10 days. We were not given a proper bidding format, while other countries get detailed bidding formats.”

They also suspect other factors determined the transfer of the Miss Universe Indonesia license which according to them might have already been taken over a few months earlier.

As for the future of Puteri Indonesia, they said their pageant activities and programs would continue including the upcoming 2023 edition in May.

“Puteri Indonesia has become a reflection and role model for Indonesian women, young women who are smart, talented, and have personalities, who have brought national pride and achievements both at the national level and internationally.”

“We feel that MUO’s vision and mission, which so far has been in line with YPI’s, seems to be no longer aligned. Yayasan Puteri Indonesia always put respect when it came to business relationships, meanwhile ethical procedure seems no longer respected or prioritized,” said Mega.

Miss Universe Organization has been approached for comment but has yet to respond.

Photo: Puteri Indonesia


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