On Indonesian Island, These Dancing Trees Are The Main Tourist Attraction

You must have seen humans dancing on innumerable occasions, but have you ever seen a tree dance? On a quiet island of Indonesia, trees can be seen in different dance postures. The evergreen trees standing in the salt water and sand have grown in such a way that all of them seem to have a classical dance pose, the reason they are also called dancing trees.

This beautiful and peaceful island is famous for many things. It attracts people with its natural beauty, but what makes this place even more special are these unique evergreen trees, which are also known as dancing trees.

When the sun rises and sets, the seashore becomes even more beautiful because of these trees. This is the most favourite place to take photos for the tourists coming here. These trees are situated on the beach and their shape is so strange that the onlookers feel that they have frozen while dancing.

Some trees appear as if they have been frozen in certain special poses of the classical dance.

The shape of these trees is also slightly different from the normal trees. Generally, the branches of trees are larger and denser than the roots, but the roots of these trees are straight and large while the branches are thin.

Due to the movement of ocean waves, the roots of evergreen trees come out and they look very beautiful. The pictures of these trees, whether taken by a professional photographer or simply clicked by a tourist, are so unique that they look stunning.

The beauty of these trees has been captured by different photographers in their cameras. These pictures on Instagram have been posted by the ID name nature, which is showing the beauty of the trees.

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