Froyo as a digital consultant helps NutriVille introduce its product which functions to help Indonesian women look youthful.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, NutriVille designated FROYO as a digital consultant to develop a comprehensive digital strategy.

FROYO Digital Agency Team

NutriVille is a product of PT. Asia Health Energy Beverages (AHEB) that presents products for Indonesian women.

NutriVille itself is formulated as a daily collagen drink product to make skin look supple while maintaining the beauty of the skin to look youthful.

NutriVille and FROYO agree that this product should have a great opportunity to win a ready-to-drink (RTD) collagen or beauty drink as long as it is promoted with a mature strategy. This belief stemmed from a phenomenon among young adult women who are starting to invest in their body health and beauty.

As an agency, FROYO is capable of reaching AHEB’s target audience by being relevant through a digital ecosystem. Digital orchestration campaigns also play an important role as ammunition to invite the audience to connect with NutriVille.

“We are fortunate that many more people are now aware of the importance of collagen to maintain the youthfulness of skin, and knowing that, NutriVille is optimistic to win the collagen drink in Indonesia. The campaign of NutriVille is also supported by collaboration with Korean Actress, Son Ye Jin, as NutriVille brand ambassador,” said Lisa Putri as the Strategic Director of FROYO.

Syita Ayuningtyas as AHEB’s Marketing Manager hopes that this collaboration can help accelerate the achievement of the business objectives of an aggressive new brand such as NutriVille via digital channels. It is undeniable that digital channels are the essential source of information for Indonesian female consumers.

“Meanwhile, from what we see, the development of the beauty industry is indeed rapid, but there are still not many collagen drink products on the market. We target NutriVille to become a well-known top of mind daily collagen drink, especially from digital channels,” Syita Ayuningtyas added.

The collagen in NutriVille can nourish facial skin and make it look young. Every human being stores collagen in his body. However, as people age, the amount of collagen in the body also decreases.


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