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The 8th Mister Global Competition took place this weekend (Feb. 11) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Countries around the world sent in representatives vying for the title of Mister Global 2022,  and Juan Carlos Ariosa of Cuba took the win.

Sean Nicholas Sutiono — currently Mister Singapore — represented Singapore in the men’s beauty contest.

He previously gained attention for his national costume in the 14th Mister International competition in 2022, which was just a pair of black shorts and boots.

Then, the Mister Singapore Instagram page responded to comments on Sutiono’s national costume by saying his outfit was “in the works”.

The new outfit appears to have materialised, featuring more fabric than the previous one.

National colours

Mister Global Singapore donned a white cloak adorned with Merlion-inspired shoulder pads and printed with the Singaporean cityscape at the hem.

He also wore a pair of shiny red pants and matching red sneakers.

Image via Facebook/Mister Global

Sutiono’s outfit was designed by Moephosis Concepts, a local theatrical costume supplier.

“The Official Men’s Singapore National Costume […] finally unveiled to the Globe,” said Sutiono in an Instagram post featuring a video of him showing off the costume on stage.

It drew mixed reactions from netizens in a Facebook post by Missosology, a website that covers beauty pageants.

Some expressed confusion at Singapore’s national costume while others complimented his bright smile.

One of them even commented “Elvis Presley? Is that you?”, possibly alluding to the similarity of Sutiono’s smile and hairstyle to the American singer.

What some other countries wore

Mister Global also posted a series of photos on their Instagram page showcasing the contestants’ national costumes — elaborate outfits with elements of their local culture.

Mister Global Japan cosplayed as Tengen Uzui from the popular anime “Demon Slayer”, with accurate eye makeup and even his demon-slaying props.

Image via Facebook/Mister Global

Mister Global Cuba, who eventually won the competition, was decked in a sequinned costume with wings, apparently based on the country’s national bird – the Cuban tocororo.

Image via Facebook/Mister Global

Mister Global Indonesia donned an elaborate golden outfit inspired by the Indonesian puppet theatre play Wayang.

Image via Facebook/Mister Global

Mister Global Poland came in a full black winter outfit adorned with golden bits and some cool shades, possibly referencing the country’s cold winters.

Image via Facebook/Mister Global


Top images via Instagram/@officialmisterglobal

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